Shark O'Leary coming to politics?

The U.S. has “Trumped” up politics and it looks like Canada maybe going the “Shark” route…

Never going to happen , He just loves to see his name in the news .

I think you are absolutely right, Roy!

One need look no further than his consistent attitude on Shark Tank. Remember this is TV that is largely based in the US. He doesn’t want stuff made in the US / locally when it can be done for cheaper overseas. He is all about profit and will carry that attitude right into government if allowed. Should his election take place, say goodbye to your jobs and manufacturing. Beware.

You seem to think that a Democrat administration would bring jobs back.


They do want you to get a college degree in basket weaving though and get it “FREE”. :wink:

Never said that. The worst thing to happen to a lot of jobs was NAFTA under Clinton. Based on the favoring of big business and corporate profits, it is more likely that a Conservative party would allow / favor movement of the work force overseas. That is why the US has become a “service industry” economy with little major manufacturing outside of aerospace and autos.

This is one of Trump’s appeals.
He understands that we have exported our jobs and have gotten little for it.