She's so pretty!

First clean, neat, and tidy Zinsco (Sylvania) panel I have seen in a LONG time, or ever. Original 1978. Obviously the electrician took pride in his/ her work. All the wires were zipped tied. Made it nice to inspect. Usually we see a rats nest, huh fellas??? :smiley: Just thought I’d share.

Why are all (most) of the breakers in the “off” position?

Yes I have seen a few panels like that and I always blame the apprentice for the work . Nice Picture Thanks … Cookie

Inspected during a remodel from a recent plumbing flood. OOPS! :smiley:

Good eyes Jeff!!!

Does that explain the rust in the panel too?

No its a beach house on the ocean. Everything metal had rust issues. Even the waste pipe support hangers. :roll:

071129-01 056.jpg

Zip tying wires together causes heat generation. NOT a good idea.

  1. Are those white wires terminated to the overcurrent devices?

  2. Is the fitting in the lower left a PVC connector?

What type of fitting is used in the lower right side?

If this is a service main enclosure, then I believe that the MBJ may be missing, (look next to the grounded (white conductor) where the solid GEC is terminated. :mrgreen:

1.) I agree with Joe in that I am not sure exactly what type of connector is being used on the lower right service conductors…and the one on the lower left looks like a male PVC connector put in backwards…why I have NO idea…lol

2.) I dont have a problem with the " white " conductors on the breakers since we are talking about a 1978 installation…but as Joe stated it would be nice to have them re-identified for the safety of someone else later.

3.) Now…if by chance any of those “WHITE” conductors are terminating to a breaker and are in a conduit feeding into the panel…then white conductors cant be used for anything other than the grounded conductor when in conduit…now with cables only…NM, AC and MC for example are the only ones where white can be re-identified.

4.) The statement about bundling…well honestly if they are together for neatness and not bundles more then 24" i would not be overly concerned on that…

Electrical question:

If your remodel a house / condo and pull new wire in new conduit, yet don’t change main service panel or install new breakers how does this fit in with requirements for OCPD’s and AFCI for bedrooms?

A scenario:

Old apt building that has gone under complete renovation. Old service panel
left in place (Wadsworth with no main breaker) New conduit and new wire with new recp’s. No AFCI breaker for bedroom but GFCI at kitchen and bath.

What say ye all? :slight_smile: