Shingle defect?

We have lived in our home for almost 5 years…built new in 2001. About 6 months ago we had a hail storm go through and do some damage to our siding and a small amount of damage on my roof. I had a roofing company come out and look at my roof and 2/3rds of my shingles have not sealed properly. Not due to improper installation but perhaps a shingle defect. My builder doesn’t recall the shingle mfr. Any ideas? Is anyone aware of any mfr defects?
Thank you

Has the temp risen above 40 degrees in the last 5 years ? You do live in Minnesota eh ? :mrgreen: I’ve heard of shingle defects but I can’t remember what companies made them. I’m not aware of any major problems as recent as 2001 though. There are probably occasional defects like the one you’re talking about made by all manufacturers. They should be covered under the warranty as long as they were installed properly. You can probably google “shingle manufacturing defects” and find out.

If there has been a recall, it should be listed at

The roofer that inspected your roof can not tell you what the defect is or identify the shingles? Perhaps you might want to call another roofer.

Hey Greg. I think Brian is on the right path. Sounds like the roofer is not being strait up with you and you need to get a second opinion. If you can always post a pic of the problem of the area (roof system in your case) it helps allot. I’m guessing you have regular shingles and they were not stuck together when the roofer came out which is normal when it’s cold. Am I close on my assumptions?

As the guys mentioned, second opinion and evaluation would not hurt and pictures would help.

Good luck.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not above 40 lately but no hurricans!

Hi Brian-
Does each shingle have the name and mfr on them? I do not have any extras that are not on my roof.

Hi Steve-
We have had several days of above 60 degree weather this year so far. It is my assumption that the shingles will “seal” in the sun and that seal should never come apart…is that incorrect?

No, they do not, usually though a knowledgeable local roofer can tell by looking at them. I also find it hard to believe the builder does not know what material he used. Only five years old, there are records somewhere…