Shingle installation question

Does this look right in this picture.

I’m questioning the 3/4" dark black area at the top of every other tab. Some houses in the subdivision are installed this way then others installed where the 3/4" area is covered…

Does it depend on the shingle manufacturer??


CertainTeed Horizon Shangle.

Advise accordingly…

The previous poster correctly identified them for sure. It is an intentional optical allusion like architectural style version from Certainteed.

I have read about many lawsuits, especially from the Shakopee MN plant regarding this particular style being the subject to premature failure.

Google it.

Also, they used the incorrect “field” shingle for the hip caps.


How can you be certain it is Certainteed?

The picture is of a CertainTeed Horizon Shangle installation.

You keep pointing to a lawsuit, but I don’t understand how you can discern one manufacturer from another based on the photo. I’m not a roofing expert by any means. Just trying to learn here. So please let us know the distinguishing features that makes this a CertainTeed installation. Again, not trying to be a SA.


CertainTeed is based in Valley Forge, PA.

Their product is dominant in my Market.

I have been aware of the alleged deficiencies and the characteristics of those deficiencies for many years. The product line is readily discernable from a photo if you know the particular characteristics of the product line.

Photo is clearly a Horizon Shangle.

I can not explain it any further than that.

Any known lawsuits down this way?? Are they still being produced? How can I identify them without seeing the underside of the shingle and seeing some brand markings?

I guess I could check out some of the other homes that are being roofed as we speak and see what they are putting up.

By the way, this is a brand new house. Probably had roofing installed late last year.

Thanks for the info. everyone!

Here’s another shot…

shingle 2.jpg

Isn’t the 3/4 inch tab the adhesive on the shingle that is supposed to be covered? Regardless if the shingle is defective, it doesn’t appear to have been installed professionally.

Being unfamiliar with this shingle up close and personal, that’s what I thought too.

Then I checked the web for installation and it’s shown exposed on the installation specs. and pictures. It’s not really the adhesive, it’s meant to give the shingle more visual dimension.

Personally I don’t like the look of it. I like the looks of the Elk brand shingles myself.

It is not the adhesive line, it is an intentional shadowing color implemented on the design of a standard 3 tab shingle with another slight variation of a color sparsed throughout the remainder of the shingle, which gives the optical illusion of a true dimensional architectural shingle.

Elk has recently been acquired by GAF, about 4-6 weeks ago, by the way.


I believe I inspected this shingle style last Thursday afternoon. Had not seen it before in my area as Certainteed is not big here. But I did mention to the buyer that for a 6 year old home, the shingles seemed to be deteriorating a bit fast and that he may be only able to get 7-10 years and not the 20-25 years more useful life from his roof even though the shingles were thicker than most other standard 3-in-1 styles.

Good call Ed on the wrong hip cap being used.

That valley is a leak waiting to happen.

Area in the circle specifically.


I recently inspected a house with shingles like this. The owner/realtor reported that the shingles had been replaced approx 4 years ago. Although it wasn’t very apparent from the ground, the shingles were so badly deteriorated when I looked at them close, that I recommended that the shingles should be replaced. At the time, I just assumed that the owner/realtor had bad information about the last install date.

Although that bottom valley shingle should have been formed more tightly into the valley before nailing it in place, I believe that the pitch of the roof would preclude from that minor error in application from turning into a leak.


I agree, there’s no snow around here and no worry of ice damming either.

Here are a few examples from South Carolina, 1.5 year old home…

Heres an example of 1.5 year old shingles from SC





What brand are they?

They look like the Tamko Presidential series I believe, which supposedly are no longer manufactured, or is it Celotex Ambassador series?

The Celotex line was absorbed by Certainteed around 2001-2002 I believe and did not carry all of the colors fromt he Celotex predecessor style.

The Tamko line was discontinued, at least from what I was informed for the midwest, about 2 years ago.

Both of those shingle styles and colors look very much like the ones in the photos.