Shoes easy on, easy off

I got tired of tying my shoes when I went in and out of the house. So I use these shoe laces.

I hope this helps.

Actually I carry a good pair of hard soled bedroom slippers for when I am in a home. I’ve tried everything else and this works the best for me.

Ditto that!

You need some of these…

Now that is friggen funny …

No shoes or slippers inside for me, just my socks. I try to replicate as much as possible a homeowner living at the property and most don’t walk around in shoes or slippers. You’d be surprised how much more stuff you can find and feel.

Just bought 4 pairs. Thanks Chris.

Thanks Chris, never knew those existed.

Obviously you have never stepped on a pin, needle, glass fragment, thumbtack, or other such sharp object.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER walk around a home without PPE (foot protection)!!!

I tried 2 pairs of shoes/slippers once…found myself wanting to go out the back door and my outside shoes at the front door

Then I bought a pair of these…

Based on a tip from Mr. Witt from Bmore, thank you Sir! I love these things heavy duty… Non-slip…easy on and off. I can keep them in my pocket if I decide to go out one way and in another.:wink:

To me it’s kind of funny that inspectors are careful/concerned with the shoes they wear when inside a home, then you have the client(s), agent(s), and everyone else walking around (inside and out) with the same pair of shoes. At least that’s been my experience.

Yep. Its ridiculous. I’m honestly not worried about dirtying the floor. I walk around my own home with my boots. It’s a marketing thing. People love to see you caring about someones house.

They love even better that I cared enough to bring a dedicated pair of house slippers!

Unless the home is a total POS… everyone always removes their shoes in my area! Thus the necessity for a dedicated pair of house slippers! (PPE)!

I’m sure its a “conversation piece.”

Crocs inside for us. Easy to clean.

Depends really.

Certain cultures never wear shoes inside the house.

I have an agent who comes from a ethnic group/culture who never wears shoes in the house, and all of her clients are of the same group/culture. They are generally barefoot during the inspection. Neither the agent nor her clients speak much English, so there is never much conversation to me. I can’t even tell if she even likes me.

But I follow their lead on no shoes.
And I get more business from this one agent than any other single agent.

Why even wear shoes that tie? Merrill and other companies make great slip on shoes. I wear those. Don’t forget to match your belt with your shoes. Women pick that out right away : ). I carry athletic sandals. Very comfortable and so flat that they are great for finding flooring anomolies. Make sure you always have great socks though.

I did a place yesterday that I wouldn’t even take my shoes off in. Some people live worse than animals. And if they have animals?..Well you can just imagine the surprises sometimes. If they don’t have respect for themselves, then my shoes stay on. I don’t even switch to official inspection foot wear.