Should I Join InterNACHI

When I first Joined InterNACHI I even surprised myself. I found out about it from some guy gripping about my prices for wind mitigation inspections before Home Inspectors could even do them. I actually worked for the same guy at least once and knew what was what. Me and this other guy exchanged a few sentences and believe it or not we are pretty much friends now as far as I am concerned. :slight_smile:

 When construction crashed in South Florida I started doing many more Home Inspections than ever before because I was a General Contractor and figured that made me stand out from the rest.  I even told folks I would never join an organization......Why should I what do I have to gain????????

 Boy was I wrong from the very beginning. This org has taught me so much, made me quite a few virtual and real friends.  I have never been a joiner or club member pretty much always a loner.  I would like to thank InterNACHI, Nick and all those involved in this fine organization Happy Holidays.  No organization and I mean Nick personally is more generous and cares more about their members than InterNACHI.

Thanks for just being here :slight_smile:

This is not going to get you a better seat at the Christmas party.

I second that Michael!

Learning what a TPRV was should have been worth price of admission. :mrgreen:

OUCH!! :shock: :mrgreen:

I have Armour skin developed by this Forum :slight_smile: But I always try to speak the truth. All the staff at interNACHI have been great each and every-time I have every dealt with them and they always do their best to help members. Myself many times :slight_smile:

We’ve both come along way together Mike.

I nominate Murker for Member of the Year.

All I use it for is the Outlet and this Message board.

Kind of like purchasing a double-oven range with cooktop, but only using one burner! :cool:


I just don’t need any of the rest.

If that is me I finally give up. It will NEVER happen. Unless I save InterNACHI from something :slight_smile: Once a Black sheep always a Black Sheep.

No it probably won’t… BUT it is nice to see posts like this at times. I for one also appreciate all that Nick and InterNachi has done for me !!! What a GREAT organization to belong to.


Lately I have not been on as much do too my work load. This is a great organization and I wish more inspectors here in Canada would realize that and get off the CAPHI train.

Annual suck up time

anyone that will hurt their foot putting up Christmas lights needs to have a member of the Year award

Not just hurt. Fu-ked for life, three operations later :frowning: