Should I stick with an android phone if i have a pc for inspectin software?

Looking into getting a separate phone for my inspection business and some software. I am an apple fanboy as some would say. I want to go get the iPhone 11 Pro Max to use on jobs and a software that runs well for mobile devices. My desktop at home is a custom built PC though. Would this cause any trouble if I were to be transferring data between the two?

When has Apple and Windows ever gotten along? :grin: Kidding! What program are you inspecting with?

Search this MB. People are always complaining about their Apple’s having problems in the field with their report software! Learn from other peoples mistakes. Go Android or Windows!!

If you MUST have your iPhone, get one for personal use.

It really boils down to personal preference. As a former IT Engineer of 20+ years, I will never deny Apple’s usability and friendly UI (if it wasn’t for the Macintosh I’d have never understood DOS lol). However, Apple products are 95% proprietary, so once you go Apple, they pigeonhole you into staying Apple (and charge you 3x or more for the same technology). If you are comfortable with Apple GUI then you should be able to learn the Android UI rather easily. The biggest advantage to IBM-based PCs and Android is the fact that they are open-source (which translates into way more options for you as a consumer and user and less expense overall). It’s like anything else - choose the best tool for the job based on your understanding and abilities. With respect to Inspection work, you really can’t go wrong in either choice. For those who aren’t as technology savvy, Apple is probably easiest. For most “power users”, I’d recommend Android and PCs. I have zero problems transferring data between my Android and PC for everything I use for inspections (report software, remote/wifi camera, drone, 360 camera, endoscope, IR camera, etc.)

Sound advice! :joy:

This is kind of like a Ford and Chevy thing isn’t it? At the end of the day it’s still a Ford and a Chevy.

“Apple” is more like the ‘Rambler’ kinda thing. Everyone oohs and aahs over them, but they are constantly breaking down with shifting (software) problems!!

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It will be for my business only which is why I am even contemplating getting an android phone. Ill always use an iphone for personal use. Ideally I will have a mac desktop in the future but for now that is not in the budget. I need a phone that turns on and works with a great camera and great display. Ive had a lot of trouble with android phones in the past so i am shy to try them again. However if these home inspection softwares can be buggy on iphones then ill give a droid a shot. Never a fan of all the “customization” and other unnecessary things on the droid phones. I don’t have time to play around with it the phone is there to make me money and i don’t think samsungs reliability is in the same league as apple.

I used a Samsung S7 edge for the past 4 years of inspecting hundreds of homes. It fell off a roof once and I picked it up and went back to inspecting. Never had any issue with the software or transferring files. I just upgraded to the new S20 Ultra last week and holy shit is it awesome. I can take amazing photos, zoom in on anything, and it can last two days on a charge. I would not consider anything else for my inspections. Also, there was no customization or unnecessary things to do. I booted it up, dragged all my business tools to a single home page and voila off to make money.


Never did like apple, never will! Overpriced junk!

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I was just looking at the note 10 plus. I wouldn’t mind going to Best Buy to see the camera hands on.

To each his own and what best works for you.

I chose to go Apple and I use both the iPhone and iPad in the field and use the iPad to do my reports. Never used a PC or Laptop. Software and pics sync easily and the inspection software I use was/is IOS based from startup, so no issues there ever. But like I said, it’s up to what works best for you…


Which software do you use?

When I started inspecting 17 years ago I started out using the Dell Axum 5. Went through a few of those then I stepped up to the HP IPAQ 210 then 211. Then a few years after that my inspection software stopped supporting the mobile software for the OSs on those machines in exchange for the mobile phone systems. I started with a Note 2, then Note 5, and now using a Note 9. My next phone will be the Note XX.

I use 3D software.

I Have HIP(Home Inspector Pro) software. I have iPhone 11 Pro Max (had iPhone 6s until it died in January) and iPad Pro for inspections. My lap top at home is an HP running Windows 7 Professional. Zero issues with over 1500 inspections.

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I want to try the camera on the new pro max it looks awesome.

Everyone has different experiences and im sure samsung makes a good phone now. My iphone 7 is still going like new after a car accident left it melted into my floor mat. The issue i always had with android phones was adding unnecessary features in exchange for quality hardware. I am 25 and a very tech savvy but still I just want the simplest and most efficient phone possible. Samsung to me is “hey look I am better and more powerful on paper” while iphones just simply work and perform better . But i also haven’t picked up and used a new Samsung phone in a few years. The note 10 plus has my attention and i was also looking at that s20. I just wanted to know other peoples thoughts with real experience so i can open my mind up to trying a different style phone.