Should step risers be the same height ?

Was inspecting a set of stairs today and almost tripped on the steps. Should the risers be the same height ? The first set of stairs went up to the landing was consistent at 7 3/4 " height and then the first set of steps going to the second floor was only 4" in height (that’s what tripped me up) Should I be concerned ? What’s the rule ?

CooksLanding-Summerfield 093.JPG

CooksLanding-Summerfield 092.JPG

Difference between tallest and shortest riser cannot exceed 3/8".

The rises should not vary in height by more than 3/8" total, if I recall correctly…

That first riser height looks more like 8.5 inches to me, which is too high anyway. The second is more like 5.5 inches. Riser height is measured from top of tread to top of tread of the next step. If these are in the same staircase, then they can only vary 3/8" between the shortest riser and the tallest riser.

I think the book said min. riser height is 4 ‘’ and max riser and tread differential is 3/8 ‘’

Call it out.

It sounds like you have Two Separate sets of stairs. As long as each independent set is consistent with the 3/8" rule there’s not much you can say, IMO. Except mention it to your client.

I agree with CC, but 8.5 inches is high for steps.

When I built exterior stairs I was taught the 25 rule for human gait.
A measured distance between your stride.
Your gait.
2 rises plus one tread equal twenty five.
Rsers at 7.5 x 2 + 10" trade =l 25
risers at 2’ x 2’ plus a 21" inch tread equil 25

Major fail on those stairs.

section 18.4
The sum of two risers and one tread should
equal 24″–25″.

I am going back Frank.
A carpenter taught me that rule.

I have had all of my building work OKed by AHJ’s in what was considered Montreal’s regulation capital.
never been order to redo any of my work.
All Oked.
Rough carpentry, wall board and tap. Windows and siding door.
I restored a 200 year old carriage house to a habitable living quarters.

I even roughed in the copper plumbing to his OK.
The electrical had to installed by a master electrician.

I agree with Dave :smiley:

There is just a little bit more to that rule.

I full understand Bradley.
You are quite right.
Good point.

In Canada the rise can not be more than 5mm different from tread to tread. If the are connected in any way (landing) they must be the same.

**[FONT=Helvetica-Black][size=2]3) **[/size][/FONT][FONT=PalatinoLinotype][size=2]Treads shall have a uniform run with a maximum tolerance of
a) 5 mm between adjacent treads, and
b) 10 mm between the deepest and shallowest treads in a flight.