Should this have flashing

Mansard roof shows area above second floor window with custom cut curved plywood at top under the roof material.

Should this have some sort of drip edging or just be kept painted and caulked up ?

More pics later as I need to run for another job.




Recessed windows on a mansard roof are a flashing nightmare and guaranteed to leak. I would agree a drip edge flashing would be needed. Water adhesion will cause the rainwater to run under the edge without one.

I second Randy.

Thanks guys I was wondering if anyone would bother to answer.
How would they do a drip edge there on a curved underlayment like that ?
Is it possible ?

Mansards are not my specialty.

They also had no soffit vents and only roof venting so it is complicated.No Water Intrusion Observed however .

I would imagine they would have to cut the top flange to get it to curve (think flexible plastic corner bead), but I would imagine that it would loose it’s effectiveness.

I don’t see mansards that often, but the ones I have seen had fixed lower vents and a ridge vent. Only on the upper portion of the roof though

Thanks Andy.
From lack of response here I guess few NACHI guys are familiar with Mansard style roofs.

That’s not really a mansard issue. That is an issue with using shingles as siding in a window alcove. And, using what looks like plywood as a decorative arch without properly cladding it…what a bad idea. That will never be right if left like that.

Thanks for the PDF Marcel.

Understood however I always deal with the hand given and try to work with what’s there rather than total redesigns if that makes sense.

There is flashing available for use at round widows that is basically like this. One flange is cut into sections so that the flashing will bend around curves.
I see the sill as being a more serious issue. To be really waterproof, this type of sill should have one-piece metal pan-flashing, which must be custom made for the opening.

How were you able to get that great pic. ?

Google image search for “flashing circular windows”.

Thanks Kenton.
Was hoping you would see this.

Hey Bob, good to hear from you. It’s nice to feel like you’re still with friends when you’re far from home, and good to feel like you’re still relevant.

Kenton you gained back all (not that you lost it) your relevancy with publication of helpful materials for inspectors and assistance you have been giving over the past year.

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Bob, what did you end up recommending that they do at this situation?

Cut plywood areas above 2nd floor windows need sealant and drip edge under material is advised.

Did not receive answers fast enough but it seems I was pretty accurate using common sense.

Thanks Bob. Since I’ve been going out with Lupita I don’t check the boards as often. Email me directly with questions any time you think I might be able to help.

Just spoke with the client doing a follow up call.

A regular refering Agent had referred me to this Agent from what I heard through the grape vine she was not happy with me because the 2800 sq foot place with gravel crawlspace and Mansard roof took over 3 1/2 hours but she gave me stink eye on arrival so when I called the client immediately said who cares we are paying you and you may have saved us over $17,000 plus my Lawyer loved all the detailed images that prove the pointed out problems.
“My Lawyer was gushing and is going to be referring you in the future”. [she said to me ]

Moral of the story is to care about the person who pays you and do the job as you see fit.

Side note is the Agent I know just met a guy today who made them all sit 20 minutes while he wrote out a report with no pictures and when asked to take a few pictures of the mold in the attic for the attorneys he got all hot and bothered and screamed at the Agent to report him if he doesn’t like it (lack of photos) .

The clients had gone with their Lawyers referral…:)…go figure.