Shower pan higher than floor?

I didn’t inspection today in one of the local resort communities and found a tile shower and tile for the shower floor was higher than the tile for the bathroom floor. I know of curbless shower pans I know of drop shower pans I’ve never seen one that’s higher What is everybody’s thoughts?

Wheelchair accessible. the bubble looks like it is pitched to the drain.


Scott nailed it.


Martin nailed it.

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You guys are great! :grin:


Larry nailed it …did anyone else think someone was cleaning out their left over tile boxes since none of that really looked good together?


Yeah, I noticed quite the mix there! :grinning:

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I didn’t think about the wheelchair. That’s a great reason thanks.

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I would mention in my report that it is wheelchair accessible design, but also recommend installation of a frameless door or at least a curtain to help contain the water. Personally I hate those type of showers.

Curbless shower.
Showers without thresholds are permitted with the following requirements:

  1. Showers must be built to the provisions of CBC 11A (depth × width): 60×30 in. or 42×48 in. with back wall and
    side wall extending to the ceiling.
  2. If wall is glass, it shall be safety glass.
  3. Shower membrane must extend at least 18 inches beyond front edge of safety drain.
  4. Bathroom electrical must comply with 410.D CA Electrical Code (see illustration on page 2).
  5. All shower controls and shower head shall be installed on side wall.
  6. Opening of shower compartment must comply with the following drawings:
    Minamum 48" inches deep. Typically/usually normally a wal great is required.
    Glass (or shower) wall shall extend from the edge of the drain to the backwall and 70" inches above the lowest (safety) drain.
    You have to measure angle of 1.9° descent to the drain on all sides of the flooring if my memory serves me well in that application. I use a digital torpedo level.