Shower pans in showers with a hallway

On these showers that have a hallway into them, or I think some people call them a dry off area, how far into that area does the shower pan have to extend? Does the shower pan end where the actual shower area ends even though the water can run into the hallway area?? Does the shower pan have to extend up the wall so far? Does it have to extend up an incline so many inches?

do You have a picture ?

No sorry, not that show the layout. It is basically built in a U shape.

No hard rule. If water can hit it there needs to be a liner under the tile.

12” minimum 24” is a good practice again no hard rule.

Are you talking about a cement bed? If so I pitch my cement 1/4” per foot. There’s plenty of this information on the web. You want that water to shed off the tile fast so it doesn’t penetrate the grout into the cement and then into the pan.


Good info, Martin!..thanx. :smile:

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