Hello all,

For the 1st time I ran into an unhappy client.

Reasons he stated was because our home inspector did not count the clients shutters or measured the windows to know the size of panels to put on. Due to hurricane Matthew passing by, the client said he did not have enough panels to put up & he felt we did not do our job to protect him.

His family was safe, nothing happened, only scattered showers & some wind.

We are getting the blame for not counting or measuring his shutters and windows. We tried calling him to assist & guide him & also apologize if there was a misunderstanding. He was not very pleasant ](*,)& told us to say SORRY for screwing up & not counting his panels, etc. How can I reply prudently & professional enough ?

Thank You !

Do you have an inspection agreement?

“Storm shutter deployment not part of inspection”

Thank You, Yes we do have a signed agreement. The client has written awful things about us/Inspector. I want to turn off the fire with kindness & professionalism . Its been hard to communicate with him as he refuses to answer the phone for further assistance or clarity from us. Trying to figure this out without being offensive to his understanding of what Home Inspectors inspect has become a challenge, never have we experienced such ugly things from someone/client, on the contrary, we make a great team & are know to help & care for the clients… Half the time, just filling out the form itself helps the client realize that this isn’t your job.

Never knew this existed. Very cool

We recommend fitting shutters on every inspection where the home has them. That way they know they fit, they know they have all of the hardware and tools (screw gun, correct bits, gloves, ladders etc.) and they are familiar with how to install them. Also recommend keeping all of these supplies in a safe spot (with the shutters) separate from daily use tools. If you find out you have the wrong shutters with a storm bearing down on you, you are more than likely out of luck. Also too often the screw heads are clogged with paint or worse stucco spatter.

From what I’m reading here, looks like a very mad client that is or has turned into a bully.
He got out all his bad mouthing & now refuses any further communication.
Based on this, I would politely email him the link from Nick’s suggestion & save the message.
My money is on him not being interested in completing the form.
I know you want to have a nice happy ending … welcome to the business world, I do not think it’s gonna happen.

Now if there are fallacious reviews posted that have the potential to slander you, that is something you must act on even if it involves being ‘not nice’ to him.
Usually the mean ones that give you a very hard time don’t go farther. It’s the quiet ones that do that.
It may be time to simply state the fact you have no liability - period.

Good luck!

Sounds like he is looking for someone to blame for his inability to plan ahead and have an emergency plan in place, have practiced it when not under pressure and not at the last minute. I bet he would of still been mad at you even if you did provide him with the information as he waited until the last minute to prepare.

^^ What he said!

61-30.810 Standards of Practice, Exterior Components.
(1) Exterior systems and components include the following:
(a) Exterior wall cladding/siding, flashing and trim;
(b) All exterior doors;
© Attached decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches, and their
associated railings;
(d) Eaves, soffits and fascias where accessible from the ground
(e) Walkways, patios, and driveways leading to the dwelling
(f) Garages and carports.
(2) The inspector shall inspect all of the visible and readily
(3) accessible exterior systems and components.

(3) The inspector is not required to inspect:
(a) Window and door screening, shutters, awnings, and similar
(b) seasonal or protective accessories and devices;
(b) Fences;
© Recreational facilities;
(d) Outbuildings, with the exception of garages and carports;
(e) Swimming pools, seawalls, break-walls, boat lifts and/or
(4) The inspector is not required to move furniture, appliances,
lawn and garden equipment, tools, stored items, wall
decorations, floor covering, clothing or any items that block
the view and access to components or structures.

Your answer is in the Fl SoP.

Whether you want to exceed those standards is up to you.

I make note of missing shutters and instruct all of my clients to install their shutters the first week they move in for A) Practice on how to install them, and B) To determine if they are all there.

Send them a letter

Did you fill out an 1802? I just heard of two cases out there where clients were suing due to not having all of the shutters. If these go to court the impact will be huge, It they settle, there will be no legal case law.


I want to thank you for your time & advice, we decided to give it another try and call him, he answered & was very rude but about 20 min later he calmed down, he somewhat understood what the inspections entailed, what we do & dont do. One of the last comments was ( we still did not count his shutters ) … Amazing individual but his negative/slandering comments were removed the same day by him.

Over all , I believe he understood, he was just to proud to say or apologize for his ugly ways or remarks…

Kind Regards, Sandra

Thank You for your suggestion…

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your time & suggestion… Thank Goodness we got through to him by phone. He was not apologetic for his slandering/rudeness but I am ok with that. He finally understood " somewhat " 20 min into the explanation. Client then decided to remove his comments.

Mission Accomplished !!!

Kind Regards,

Aleluya !!