Sidewall Vents in Vertical Position

How many folks have seen sidewall vent caps installed on vertical through-the-roof vent stacks?

I think it’s wrong, and I called it out. I even called the manufacturer, who said “as long as the rain falls vertically, it shouldn’t be an issue.” I asked him what would happen in a wind driven drain. He said “then you’d have a problem.”

Do you have a better picture. It’s not a high wind cap?

You would have a problem in Okla the only time it rains is in horizontal sheets at 50 MPH+

This is a snip of the cut sheet that the manufacturer sent me.

I also just opened my Hart and Cooley catalog, and their high wind cap doesn’t look like the photo you posted. But if I open my Simpson catalog, it shows the photo you posted (pretty close, anyway). However, the sticker on the unit I saw said Sunstar, so that’s whose cut sheet I got. It’s utterly astounding how similar Sunstar’s sidewall vent cap and Simpson’s high wind cap look. Downright freaky.

Is it possible the builder or builder’s supplier could make such an error? The builder also made some significant goofs on the roofing (no water/ice shield anywhere, and California cuts going the wrong way).