Siding installation

On this inspection I noticed that the siding is placed over the service mast. Holes are punched throught the siding to make openings for the electric lines and other items.

I am not completely sure how to write this up as I have never seen something like this done before.

I told the client that it should be redone properly or at least some form of a sealant to close up the holes to avoid rain from entering behind the siding and causing further damage.

Any thoughts or comments??

The vinyl is a joke. Is that a new window? It sure looks closer than 3’

Closest is the phone lines Bruce.

Bob, I understand that, but how does that make a differance on the service being within 3 feet of the window?

I have so far in my report I have basically stated:

siding in installed incorrectly and should be corrected.
Service lines are too close to an operable window.
Unable to inspect condition of electric meter, service mast, or any connections associated with the two.

The electric service attachment may not be within 3 feet but I can see where you might have thought the phone line attachment was as it is closer.
The conductors appear to be more accessible from the upper window which often is not counted.

In other words it does not appear to be a big concern.
Now the meter should have 2 inches clearance at the sides so that might be more of an issue though I would mention the fact mast attachment brackets are not viewable and the siding has a wavy appearance due to the non standard siding work .
I doubt siding is meant to curve in that manner and I would think it will have a tendency to separate or crack over time.

Something just don’t add up.

How did they bury the mast riser and the meter box and yet the window is on the same plane as the siding?

Did they fur out the outside walls and then install the new window. ???

What did the bottom of the wall look like at the foundation and box sill?


Hi Marcel
If you look close you can see it bulging around the mast and looking non-professional .

It will most likely pull away as it is not fastened correctly.

I see the bulge Bob, but the typical meter box is 3-1/2" to 4" thick, and the window is not buried by the same amount. :weird::slight_smile:

The bottom sill looked normal as I walked around.
This inspection is a 2 part one for a move in certified. I will either go back and check on this more, or cover it during the next visit after the client has his contractors on site.

Marcel I think that is the framing around the box (which they should have done for the mast too).

Standard 100 amp meter on top of vinyl siding.

When vinyl siding is done, they do what is called “Float the Meter”
The siding is done and reinstalled after the siding is done.
The Utility Company does that I believe at no cost.
Power is not disrupted, but a couple of minutes.

Look at the relationship of the face of the meter box and the window.
They are not in the same plane.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

They should have done that.

Looks like it was done by the homeowner and a couple of his buddies in between cans of Bud. They probable didn’t know utility co. would remove meter and replace after siding was put up.

They don’t offer that service around here.

One must hire/pay an electrician to do that.

Nonetheless, it should have been done.

In either case Larry, I would think the Utility Company has to authorize the Electrician to break the seal and the Utility Co. has to come put a new one once the work is complete. No?

Up here, it is elligal for an electrician to pull the meter. They usually just have the meter man do it.
It is the only way to do the siding correctly.:slight_smile:

True. Maybe I misunderstood.

The only thing that the POCO is responsible for, around here, is to remove and replace the meter into the socket when the break and re-attach the seal.

Our electricians install the meter base (can) and the rest of the service entrance.

We agree that it should have been done.

The power company does not want the service wires covered by the siding.

Looks like another S…rs contractor job to me. Cant believe some of those guys still getting away with this.