Signature in Dear Client letter

I tried getting my signature in my Dear client letter before without success. The idea was temporarily abandoned but would like to revisit. Any ideas?

What problem were you having? What software are you using? Do you have a good digitized signature (I recommend a .png on a white (255, 255, 255) or transparent background). Jpeg will tend to look muddy.

If you’re using Word, you need to create a png image of your signature with a transparent background, and use the “insert” tab to insert the image where you want it.

A white background works fine on white paper also.

Using HIP 4.7.1. Manage to place it in the document but when I generate the report its not there.

Hi Mike,

Make sure it’s a jpg or png file in RGB format. If it’s CMYK it won’t show properly in a PDF. If you’re still stuck just give us a call or jump on live chat and we can help you remotely.

Sorry. Just noticed that this was posted to the HIP forum.

You should be using HIP anyways Chuck :smiley:

I have a license somewhere, though it probably doesn’t cover current versions.

Shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can setup for you.