I don’t see a “site suggestions/questions” forum so I’ll post this here.

I just realized my signature line is gone.
I went to reset it and find I have no way to do so. Did non-members loose the ability to have a signature line, or am I doing something wrong?

Not only did I lose my signature but also lost some of my little green thingies.

Oh NO, not you green thingies!

Oh the humanity!

I’m going to take my code book and go home! ;-(

Hold Up! I’ll go with you.

AHhhhhh… I see it is not just me.

I’ve never felt such companionship.:stuck_out_tongue:

lol…ahhh…who looks at them anyway except those like me who uses them for self promotion…lol

I never really figured the green thingies. I thought when you got four you could build a hotel

I am curious, what is the reasoning behind removing the signature from the “non-members”?

… To get you to join?

For all the great info you guys provide, this is the thanks you get???
That sucks IMO :frowning:

Coal for Christmas
What better way to say I Love You, but you messed up.

Coal can be the perfect Christmas gift.

I do not feel it is a big deal You get to post you get to read most of the BB.
I get to read what you post if I want too.
I get to reply to your post’s if I wish to.
If you where paying then You might have a reason to expect an answer to your questions.
You are obvious happy coming and helping ,I am happy to see many of the post’s .
So as I said earlier No big Deal we both are happy and thats what counts.


Roy, at least on my end it is not an issue of being unhappy. Same as with the green squares. I don’t really care either way.
I was just curious as to why it was, and if maybe I was doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place.

As a side note about the squares. I say I don’t care about them, which I don’t. Give me reds all day long. I don’t need to impress anyone with them.
What I do care about is COMMON COURTESY.
I see I have a new red square because of the originasl post in this thread, and of course no name or reason. WHY???

Who was it and why? Be a man, sign your screen name.

I agree if they do not give their name they are not much of a person .
If you look at out names you will see active poster on both of us .
No big deal I am satisfied and not concirned what I get called .
( PS I am a life member of NACHI)


Me too also got one of them red thingies from someone!

Thanks to those who have countered my red thingie with some green thingies

You folks are taking this far to seriously.

When anyone posts a feedback without signing their names, that is just cowardly…I wonder how much they would actually post if they had to sign their real name. If one can post any feedback, they should also be responsible for posting their name as well.

This is one of the sites that usually shows pretty good respect, relatively speaking…I do not come here for the greens or the reds or whatever. I am here to see how the HI is participating in the electrical portion of the construction industry. It helps for one to know what is generally happening out there.

yep…greenies just come with the amount of posts made…kinda just happens. Education is the key and we know HI’s are learning.

Thats what counts…