sill holes

Completed a home last week of a brick veneer small home in NE Ohio. One of the unusual items I found were these holes drill into the sill of the front window. I also found the same holes drill into the sill in the rear kitchen window. I have looked everywhere and asked carpenters and contractors, but no one has any idea.

Does anyone wish to venture a guess?

Thanks, todd


cigarette holders

Couple things come to mind, and on a case by case basis your report will reflect it:

  1. Big ArSS Termites, recommend a licensed qualified exterminator.

  2. Chanukah went metric and it has 100 days. No comment necessary.

  3. Five year old was bored. Recommend children being supervised using power tools.


Home size cribbage board? 15-2, 15-4, 15-6 pair for 8, knobs for …nevermind.

molds for candlemaking.

Possibly air vents to prevent window condensation. Strange though.:-k

Carpenter was looking for crossmember under sill. Think he found one?

Defroster vents for when the drapes are closed?

Good call . When I see Curtains tight to the sill and the floor .
I show the client and recommend they extend the curtains hangers out and also of the floor.
This can increase the air movement and help to control the condensation on the windows by warming the glass just a little .

Roy Cooke

Those plugged holes are driving me nuts. What are they??

Is it possible someone had vertical blinds that had ridgid rods set into the window sill?

Is it possible someone had a small spindle frame installed to keep kids from hitting the glass??

Come on guys, let’s figure this one.!!

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

How about, home made security bars! Now removed.

Roy; we are off to a good start. Sounds good to me.
Wonder if they had the same holes at the head of the window. ??


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

still think its a party cigarette holder smoke goes right out the window

Well, you’re all wrong!! Those are obviously coin holders. A convenient place for spare change.

I like the security bars:mrgreen:


Thanks for all the good “guesses”. My client and I both got a good laugh out of all the responses.

The holes were on the bottom sill only and not at the top, and only on two of the windows.

We will probably never know the purpose as this was an estate sale.

Thanks again at least for the time to think it over.


A Complete and utter guess= It was probably for some decorative little rail that went in front of the window.

I am with Roy

I think I found the answer…the owner used them as cold air returns for when the windows were closed. They actually went down the wall to the cold air returns on both the front and the back windows.


Looks like a carpenter bee trap installed on the wrong side of the window.