Sinkhole inspections required for Citizens after Oct 1?

Had two more insurance agents in Volusia County (east coast) ask me today if I did sinkhole inspections. Both, again, seem to think it is an upcoming requirement for underwriting anywhere in the state. One carrier they cited was Tower Hill. Anybody know for sure what the heck is going on?

You guys are spinning your wheels as far as getting these sinkhole inspections “referred” to you.

Citizens has selected companies and they are randomly assigned to the companies. The agents will have no control over which firm is assigned the request and therefore which inspector is completing the work order.

Think of it as the MSFH program only for sinkholes.

Also it is correct that Inspection Depot is NOT one of the firms selected to complete this work. However, I imagine that several of these firms have reached out to Inspection Depot to supply an immediate inspector field force.

I have a couple of questions or concerns about the new sink hole inspections and how it may affect pre-sale home inspections. This appears to primarly affect inspectors in Hillsborough, Pinella, Pasco and Hernando counties at this time.

I have seen a copy of the form and there are many questions on the form, including ones about cracks in the driveway, walls and foundation. Does anyone know what Citizens threshold for denial of insurance based on the the results of a sink home inspection happens to be? My concern is do we need to raise the of concern when we find expansion or settlement cracks may have been consider minor in the past? Has anyone had an inspection on a home yet, where after you performed the inpection the buyer couldn’t get insuramce and then the sale fell through? Any impact on you? It looks like entering explored land and I have concerns.

Bumping this old thread.
I have an agent looking for an inspector qualified to do sinkhole inspections.
Anyone interested or know who to call?
I’m in Indian River County, so I am assuming that that is where this is located.

I just watched a NOVA program on sinkholes including FL. Link below.

How would one go about doing a sinkhole inspection?

Scuba gear?
Ground penetrating Radar?
Crystal ball?

Poke & hope no doubt. :wink:

I’m thinking that a civil engineering firm would be the immediate qualified inspector on this item.