Sinkhole Inspection Form

Anyone have one? Is there a standard form to use? Are we making up our own forms? I don’t see one on Citizens website which is usually the standard form go to…

Big *** hole in yard Yes________ No _________


email me…I’ll send you my copy of Citizen’s Sink Hole Inspection form.

Can ya charge $65 a piece or does the Wind Mit price wars follow Alice down the rabbit hole? :smiley:

If someone will give me a quick lesson on how to attach the form to this message board, I’ll make the form available to all…thanks.

When you post, hit “post reply” and that opens the full editor. Then go down to manage attachments. Click on that and upload your file.
If the files is too large, you won’t be able to upload it.

Is your form executable or static?

Gotta load 1 page at a time…this is a copy from one of my agents, forgot I even had it.

Bear with me…

Thanks, since it is static, once you get all three pages loaded up, I will redo it in another program and then, with a clean copy, make it executable and upload it to my website for all to download.

This has already been covered on this forum. These are not open market. Citizens has approved vendors who do these. If you get a call from an open market client, send them to their agent, below is from Citizens website:

"Citizens will order your sinkhole inspection from a Citizens-approved sinkhole inspector. The cost for these inspections is $180, which is split evenly between Citizens and the policyholder. The policyholder must pay their half of the inspection price ($90) directly to the inspection company. The payment is nonrefundable, regardless of whether coverage is approved or declined.

Once the inspection has been performed, the inspection company will provide both Citizens and the policyholder with a copy of the report. Citizens will review the inspection findings and issue a decision on eligibility for Sinkhole Loss coverage. In most cases, policyholders can expect to receive a decision within 45 days of the date the inspection is ordered.

Because of the time it takes to process Sinkhole Loss coverage requests and inspections, policyholders who wish to add Sinkhole Loss coverage to a current policy must have their agent submit their request at least 90 days before renewal. Contact your agent to request this coverage."

Then for those that do these inspections, if you do not have an executable pdf version, once I get the other 2 pages, I can make one and post it on my website.
Page one is done.

Anxiously awaiting page 2 and 3… Don’t do them just curious to see the form you’ve made. Hehehe.


Glenn what about people who don’t have Citizens and they just want more information about what is going on in their yard? Where do they go? I have been getting phone calls for sinkhole inspections with all this stuff in the news. Obviously I would never offer a “sinkhole” inspection to my clients because I am not a geotechnical engineer. I would however like to offer a “ground surface depression” inspection. Was just wondering if there was a standard form for a sinkhole inspection I could base my form on.

Kevin - so someone should pay your to state the obvious. Give me a break. By the way, I have some land for sale in the Everglades. You interested?

I sent a copy of the finished, first draft, form to Ted. If you want one, let me know.

Please do Eric. Thanks!

Please send one to me as well Eric, thanks.

Left out my email.

I sent the form out, but, at this time the data can’t be saved, some items need to be aligned, and I would like some input on how many pictures are usually required.
Attached is a blank version.

Thanks for posting the entire form…once again, I am not using this. It was given to me from one of my agents. Don’t even know if it is actively being used by Citizens, just thought everyone would like to “put the peek on it”.