Slate Roof Flashing

Will be inspecting this house this weekend and was able to drive by it because it is close. Wanted some information on this slate roof, in particularly, the flashing running the length of the roof. I have seen snow guards installed on slate roofs but not this type of flashing. Is this original to the roof? Or an add on maybe after the snow guards failed? What’s it called? Tried google but have come up empty on this type of flashing. Any information from experienced inspectors on slate roofs would be appreciated.

Never seen that before. Could have been a built-in gutter that was covered over with the sheet metal, there are no gutters visible.

Seems to be a little high on the roof for a gutter system.

appears to be in at least one image
metallic slope transition flashing
requires proper securing & sealing repair
i’d be just as concerned about the apparent corrosion at other visible flashings

Ask the homeowner.

No home owner to ask.

Well, it doesn’t look very professional. Maybe it’ll be more obvious when you get closer. I’d guess that if they had enough slate, a professional woulds have used slate in that area.

Why or why not that flashing is poorly installed at the transition is just a formality as to everything else that looks deficient in the slate roof.

As for the lateral flashing, likely a roof deck transition the roofers tried to negotiate unsuccessfully.
It appears the roof deck slope transitions slope at the flashing but I could be mistaken.

The slate look like they have been laid flat on the transition. I use the term transition flashing loosely. That will certainly cause condensation issues and likely oxidize or corrode any fasteners.
Loose slates being the number one concern for defects.
Nails are lifting on the transition flashing as well, I use the term transition flashing loosely.
Slates are loose at the ridge.
No underlay I can see, as well I see no drip.
The fascia cladding is missing.
You have to see if the slates were installed correctly and do not forget the fasteners being copper.
Hope this helps.