Roof Flashing?

The Valley Flashing of this house runs down into/onto metal/flashing which runs along the length of the roof. Can anyone tell me why this is installed this way? Is it for snow/ice?


It looks like an ugly attempt at repair from here…

In upstate NY it is relatively common to have the lower 3’ metal for snow and ice damage prevention. This looks awful wavy and I see no gutters! Kind of a sketchy implementation.

Common around here also on older housing. Ugly, but it works and an alternative to inaccessible attics to ventilate, insulate and add proper vents.
So the easy way is metal and not worry about water back-up. :slight_smile:

I’ll know a little more when I go to the inspection. When I get up closer and if I can access the attic, should be able to see what is happening. I haven’t seen this setup before and didn’t want to call it out incorrectly!

These are utilized to alleviate ice dams. When I see these installed on homes I’m inspecting, I simply show my Buyers how to rid these flashings in the future.

A metal strip along the eave helps to avoid ice/snow buildup in that area. In my area a 1 foot strip is somewhat common, especially on older buildings which probably had issues with ice and snow building at the eave. In my opinion it is a better alternative than heat cables, and properly coordinated colours (black metal with black shingles for example) actually looks fairly nice.

Marcel post is correct.
Galvanized Apron Flashing on the eave.
Along with aiding to prevent ice damming, when not installed correctly allow water entry with ice damming at the starter shingle.
I have yet to see a starter shingle on the eave apron flashing fastened correctly with bitumen or other caulking agent.
There should be a ice shield “membranous layer” lapped 4" inch over the metal.
Pro’s: They allow ice and snow to avalanche quickly.
I do not mind the aesthetic quality.

Ok, thanks everyone! Once I get up there (if there is not a blizzard or pile of snow) I will have a better understanding of what’s happening. Is it common to be installed without eaves troughs/gutters?

Very common. If there are existing conducive conditions to ice dams, gutters will get ripped off from the weight of the ice.

In my opinion yes. Gutters cause ice damming and other complications at the eave. Not many home owners maintenance them.
I my area Mr. Brett I rarely, if ever recall, seeing eave troughs applied when eave aprons are installed. Most installations are subject to area remember. while some say potato others say poutine. Hmmmm… Cheese curds on fries with gravy.

Its a Quebec original. They don’t say potato.

Call that Putin’ around my hometown. :slight_smile:

I like it.
Would look cool with rivets all along the edge.

Happy birthday Marcel.
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Ha Ha…you guys are nuts! I like it! Thanks for the help!

Has to be curds though…no grated cheddar or mozzarella , and definately not the cheese sauce that fast food joints try to pass off!

I just wonder though when writing up…no eaves troughs, so water falls at foundation and not taken away from house.

Good for roof but not so for foundation and coming out of the door in the rain/snow?

Does melting chess curd run down the long lengths of hot steaming french fries to the bottom of the bowl if the slope is right on your fries? Gravity:-)

BOB’S your uncle mate and we are good as gold with no worries about the foundation Jeremy if the lot slope is 6" inched higher at the foundation for every 10 ’ feet of lateral run.
Recommend ceder bark mulch, pea gravel or other aesthetic material be placed at the foundations perimeter to accept the force of the water that is ejected or exhausted from the roofs valleys and eaves.
This stops ruts being carved into the loam.
The gravity will carry the water downstream and away from the homes foundation if a (6" in 10’) lot grade is applied.:slight_smile:
All the best.
And yes I agree we have some of the best INACHI members in North America helping everyone.

Agreed. Eavestroughs aren’t necessary if the water is dealt with at ground level. I avoid using them if I can because they are just another maintenance item that get’s ignored.