No matter what I do I can’t get snow to look good to me. :roll:
Madison, WI. Ramm Home Inspections (4).jpg

Hey, at least you don’t live here:
GILE, Wis. — More than four feet of snow has hit a small Wisconsin village on the Michigan border this week.

National Weather Service Meteorologist William Leatham says it started with a low pressure system that caused snow Monday and Tuesday, which helped bring in lake effect snow the rest of the week. Leatham says 50.1 inches fell in Gile.

Oh my I guess I should stop complaining. :D:mrgreen:

Nah, you can still complain.

At least we don’t live in Hudson, there’s both snow and an Internachi war going :mrgreen:on there.

What war is that?

I thought I won.:wink:

The idiots who voted against Walker look dumber every day. :wink:

And it’s only the middle of November:mad:

The apocalypse is coming;-)

Snow, what’s that?

Thats what I am afraid of. My daughter lives in Montana and its just been brutal there, -19 2 days ago.:shock::shock:

Thats almost as good as the photo my son sent this morning of him and the deer he got this morning.