Software Apps for Home Inspection

Which apps is best for Home Inspection SOP? Does any of these apps includes checklists? Does mobile handheld phone or tablet works best for you? I’m trying to decide what’s best for me rather than writing up so much time. Thanks for your time.

Use the search engine.

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I use Spectora on my phone and PC. I get about 75% done on site and finish up at home. Works great and comes with several nice automation features like accepting payments, auto emails and texts, calendar, etc.


I watched product demos for Home Inspector Pro, Spectora, Hometrex, and Homegauge and ended up liking how Homegauge looked, and it seemed the easiest to use so that’s what I went with (I’m still getting started with my business but have the software and have been practicing report writing with it).

It has a lot of templates, for example it comes with an InterNACHI SOP template for free and there’s also an InterNACHI narrative library that you can purchase so you can just use the wording from existing reports.

I have a relative who is crushing it in his area and after trying multiple different ones he settled with Homegauge and said it was the easiest to use.

It also has a free trial so you can download it and check it out yourself.

Here’s a good tutorial for Homegauge’s (posted in 2020): HomeGauge Together 2020 Session: Report Writing with HomeGauge Software - YouTube

But yeah, most people go with Spectora or Homegauge from what I’ve read and heard.


Inspector Nexus is a good one. You can pay per report

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I like tap inspect. Find it easy to use. They are doing cool upgrades right now and the price is pretty decent.

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The problem with software these days is they want you to pay a subscription fee to use it instead of buying outright. I use HomeGauge but I own it and do not use their cloud services.


Same here. I do not use the cloud service either except when they do a back-up. I still prefer to send my reports .PDF unless it is a huge commercial report.

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Still the best article…


Is their a app for commercial inspections. IS their a place to post that your needing to employ a inspector

I use Home Gauge and modify the template. Which you will have to do for almost every commercial property to some degree.

I did google commercial property inspection software and came up with many hits.

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