??????????? Software & Hardware???????????

OK, now that I have completely confused myself by looking at all of those web sites, I have to ask. What is the easiest program out there. I would like to print on site with pics and an editible comments library. HELP!!!
I am so tired of having my clients ask if I can give them a report with pictures.

Read this thread before deciding about printing on site.


I don’t recommend on site reports, just my .02

Hi Bruce, I noticed that you are using Homegauge. How do you like it ? I am a far cry from being computer smart, do you think it was an easy learn. I was considering this software with a PDA or tablet. I would certainly appreciate any feedback.
Thanks John

Hi John,

I really like HomeGauge also, it is easy to use and you can create reports as simple or as complicated as you like. The software can be configured for any type of building should you consider commercial inspections.

HomeGauge can be used right out of the box if you want, but generally most folks use their own personal language by editing the auto-comments which are already there.

Have you downloaded the 30 day sample software and tried it?

what Dale said, plus they just released ver 3.3 with pda option.