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I am purchasing a condo in Brooklyn and recently found out it was built on top of a paint factory. I asked the builder to supply environmental test reports and found several levels high. I need to have the soil retested as the reports are 3 years old. I have received quotes ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 from environmental consultants. I would like to know if you can refer me to a place that can do a full parameter test on the soil but for a much more reasonable rate. Please advise as the quotes i have received seem very high. if this is the giong rate for full parameter, perhaps you could advise me on that as well.

Thank you.

Susan Thomas

Based on your post, I’m assuming the condo has been on the site for about 3 years, and the builder had the soil tested when he built the condo, or when he started the project.

Unless the paint factory has been there for the last three years, (if it were me buying the condo), the test 3 years ago would be sufficient. If the paint factory has been gone all that time, what additional contamination could have occurred during that time that would you be concerned with?

This may be of some help.

I live in a predominately rural area and each county has what is known as the County agent. They are the go to person regarding any questions about soils, agriculture, etc. We can get a soil sample kit from their offices, collect the sample and send it in to a State lab for testing. It used to cost very little. Don’t know if they have anything like that in Brooklyn but it is worth a look.