Soil Types & Permeability

I was studying soil types and came across this graph. I read this page twice and don’t think the book explains this graph very well. Can someone please help me understand this graph between the different soil types? All feedback is much appreciated!


Is this a USDA provided diagram in a non-USDA written book? Do you have a link to the actual book where the description they are given can be read?

It appears to be the USDA textural classification triangle for soils but without context (see above) I would not necessarily comment on it.

This came from the mometrix test prep study guide. Not my main study book, just an addition to

What is Dirt?. Precis of Soil Science Simplified 5th… | by Chuk Moran | Medium


Thank you Marcel!

That’s a good synopsis from Marcel.

What test are you preparing for?

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Home inspection national portion

Interesting and good that they are covering soil types and I noticed mention of foundation in the clip you provided. Many do not understand the importance of this. Are you aware of the USDA WEB Soil Survey mapping service at Web Soil Survey - Home ? Very handy to understand soil distribution and has other very good information there.

Thanks I’ll look at it