Someone had

Their head stuck where the sun don’t shine when they designed this roof and installed the shingles really a crap job for such a nice home

Hey Charlie, no more walking roofs for me for a while.

Hey Charlie do you wear a red cape?

No, but he does wear tights and a utility belt. :wink:

I do what ever is necessary:p:D

If there was not a foot in the picture, I would think you were hovering over that roof

Some things are not as they appear I did not even use a ladder:D

Charley did you put that in your report? If so, how did you write it up?

Good for you But that’s cheating

I am writting the report now as we speak and have not got to that part yet but I will show in the report the valley discharging against the chimney flashing and the potiential wood rot this home is only 5 years old has not had time to rot yet but it will.

I inform the client of the potiential rot and to monitor it over time and to keep the flashing painted. Are we going to tear the home down and start over I think not it is what it is


I wouldn’t tell them they had to tear the house down but I would recommend that the “shingles in the valley area be removed and installed correctly by a licensed roofer.”

They aren’t pretty but is it really a defect?

When the shingle manufacturer and/or homeowner’s insurance says “sorry we’re not covering your damage due to faulty/poor installation…” it certainly becomes a defect. :wink:

Aaaah Gotcha.

I was making reference to the chimney and yes the other valleys had a problem and No we as in OKla don’t require licenses for roofers If you own a hammer you are a roofer

Help a dummy out? (me)
What do you mean by monitor?
I doubt that I would go up there to look (monitor) at it if I were the home owner, and maybe not even as an inspector.

By monitor I mean periodically git ya butt up on the roof and see if the flashing needs painting. The buyer and myself stepped over the railing of the deck on to the almost flat area below the chimney and I physically showed him what to check and stated it may need painted or at least checked every 5 years or there about.

Don’t you do maintenance on your own house or do you wait till it starts leaking on your head before ya take action:p:D

What a horrible looking shingle! I can’t imagine selecting that.

Different strokes for different folks;-)

When I first read it I was thinking it was much steeper than your next picture which I just now looked at. Another one of those aha moments.

And only when I run out of buckets. :wink: