South East Florida Guys

I am looking for a restaurant that does a bunch of mini courses for dinner TONIGHT.

That bite or 2 per course type of thing with frozen or foamed or raw type preparations. Foodie type tasting dinner. I have seen them on t.v. and always wanted to do it but know of no where around here that does it :frowning:

If you know of anyplace please let me know asap as I still will likely need to make reservations.

This where I have decided to go. I normally will do anything to stay OUT of Miami but hey it is after rush hour and I’ll be packing :slight_smile:

Looks awesome. I’ll have to check that out next time I’m on my way to the keys.

I will let ya’ll know :slight_smile:

Looks good Michael, enjoy yourself;)

Thanks I hope it is fun :slight_smile:

Enjoy, I look forward to the review.

You know I will review it for sure :slight_smile:

Great and different meal. Service A, Drinks way to pricey :frowning:

Beef Tongue Carpaccio
Chipotle Mayo, Lime, Salt, Grilled Sweet Corn
Octopus grilled with kind of a Jerk taste, Melt in your mouth tender.
Flap Steak
A crunchy spicy Hamachi “yellow fin” I believe roll.
Goat cheese croquets with some sweet sauce.
All and all I would definitely recommend it if you are like us and go to restaurants and order the appetizers as just about everything is tapas style. I have never been one for FLUFF 

Nice looks good.