Southwest Florida Chapter of InterNACHi meeting in Cape Coral on June 25, 2011.

Cape Coral inspectors meeting.

This is my area. Kinda funny, I was scrolling through and people actually put “sample reports” that were written by someone else on their site. Man, Florida is the wild wild west when it come to Home Inspectors.

Something we agree on :slight_smile:
At least 6 home inspectors have tried to copy our mold report, word for word, spend hours developing something only to have some low life steal it. We are busy and hiring people so I guess life is good.

It’s Monday, Sanibel Island in the morning and Marco Island in the afternoon, glad the snow birds are about gone, maybe things will slow down.

Everyone have a good week

HEY!!! You talking about “Canucks”?:shock::shock::shock::wink:

how much is PRICE OF EVENT /dinner?