Spa disconnect height?

I know Spa disconnects must be GFCI.

I know the handle can’t be higher than 6’7"

What is the minimum height? This is a curiosity thing for me, I didn’t call it out on the inspection report, it looks fine it’s just lowish. The selling owner was a smidge taller than a little person so everything in the house looks low to me since I’m about 6’2" with my shoes on.

I looked into this a few years ago and found (surprisingly) there was no minimum height! I can’t recall if some jurisdictions impose minimums due to possible snow depth or if it was just a common-sense thing.

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Put it as low as you want. There is no minimum height.


The emergency disconnect is not required at single family dwellings.

That’s correct. A disconnecting means for the spa is all that’s required and it can be integral to the spa or hot tub.

GFCI plug w/cord 15A for a 110v spa
50 A breaker for a 240v spa. Wire has to be 6 to 8 gauge.

Has to be at least 5ft away from the unit. Hight about 2 ft. At least here in FL.