Spacing question for sanibel strap

Hey Guys, These straps had over the 1/2 in gap. Does it get marked D or other because it does not meet the minimum conditions?



Isn’t “D” for double straps?
I’d mark it “A” toe nails - metal connectors that do not meet the minimal conditions of B, C or D.

What year was this home built?

Those are Sanibels. Mark “D(ii)” double wrap. Add a note about the 1/2" because these are designed that way. An illustrative graphic may help also.

They are designed to flare out but lay flat against the truss at the top and these were spread out right from the top and it was like that at every truss.

Kind of splitting hairs there. I see no problem with them.


The purpose behind the 1/2" rule is to keep the truss in a fixed position. With a single wrap strap the truss can slide or move whatever distance the strap is set off the truss. With a Sanibel strap, the truss cannot move even if there is a gap between the truss and strap. The left side strap keeps the truss from moving right, and the right side strap keeps the truss from moving left.


Bradley has is correct.

See attached.

Yes it is…and that is what those are classified as:
Metal connectors consisting of a single strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter, is secured to the wall on
both sides, and is secured to the top plate with a minimum of three nails on each side.

See the spec sheets and noa I uploaded in my previous post.

I would like to hear what they “the manufacturer” would say about the install pictured in the OP’s post. I would be curious to see if they said it was done correctly or not as it is not done as it is in their documents. If anyone out there is less lazy than me send the photo to them and see if you get a response. It “may” just surprise us :slight_smile: At least it would give us a 100% answer according to them instead of us all just giving our opinions.

Thanks for the input.

Good idea Michael :cool:

I am “almost” certain no one will do it and that no one really wants the info BUT I would like to know what they say.

To bad I am so darn lazy :slight_smile:

I can save you the trouble, as I have already asked the rep about this as well as many other things, on the record, it does not conform to the installation specs, off the record, the truss isn’t going anywhere as a result…

How you write it up on the wind mit is your choice. For me, it would be a double-wrap.

On a Sanibel, the wall nailing holes start quite a way down the strap. That said, the installer most likely had to adjust the strap upward a bit to get a good nailing pattern on the wall plate. I would much rather see the wall properly nailed than worry about a small gap on the truss. That is probably what the manufacturer rep would say too. By the way, USP Connectors is about a 1/2 mile away from me. Maybe I’ll stop by and ask.

Thanks that is what I thought they would say and therefore I think what a reinspector may say.

I do believe a couple of responses were from re inspectors

Apparently not in the insurance scumbag companies pocket :slight_smile: That’s a good thing.

Mike, did you ever do reinspections?

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