Specialty Contractors in Ohio

When you call out a material defect and then a specially contractor contradicts you and you know that you are correct, what do you do?

Hold your ground. Now, in Ohio those specialty trades can no longer ‘inspect’ the systems that they work on. What you say! Only home inspectors can ‘inspect’. Exceptions are listed in R.C. 4764.03. Specialty trades are NOT included.

Read the comments from Sen. Tim Schaffer about the proposed (additional) licensing law. R.C. 4740.

SB176-SponsorTestimony.pdf (322.2 KB)

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I browse through the forum daily to obtain constant education and learn a ton of random stuff but it is very tiresome seeing this forum starting to be plastered with your obsessive nonsense. You’re like a missionary knocking on the same door every single day asking if I want to join your church.
Please give it a rest dude. Even people in your state are telling you to shut it. That’s got to say something.


You can always stop reading my posts. if I was talking about Alaska it would make sense for you to comment.

Thanks for participating.

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I see the title of the post and am generally interested to see what the topic is about. But when I see it is you who posted and it’s the same “you’re not allowed, it’s against the law, you’re not licesened” material constantly, that is what becomes tiresome.
Maybe you should only post this stuff in the “Ohio” specific section and not the miscellaneous.
Also, I’m assuming you think what you’re doing is helping Ohio folks out, and to help me understand what you are trying to do, are you some licensing or regulatory officer with the state making sure people understand “the law?”
Are a home inspector too?
I’m trying to get a grasp on what your game plan is here.

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Complicated. I am trying to share info. Yes, I am a licensed home inspector. Even thought the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing says that it is not going to enforce the new law, I will report anyone not licensed to the board. Otherwise my license means nothing.

I am going to also defend my electrical certification and I think that giving everyone the heads up is a fair thing to do.

This post is to inform Ohio HI that trades persons are limited in what they are allowed to do.

Example: Jacob you call out two grounded conductors under a single lug as a recommendation to be repaired. The buyer asks that it be done. Now enters a Lic. EC and says that it is fine or code compliant. Both of the statements may be true however the Lic. EC (probably his employee) can’t make those statements under Ohio law. Now the agent says Jacob “don’t know shitt”. You need to proof that you are correct.

Enter the unpopular guy from Ohio. He says “Yes, Jacob is correct and all he did was advice his clients that it should be repaired. Jacob did not say that the house was going to burn down and didn’t list it as a serious safety hazard. The ‘electrician’ commenting that the panel was safe and code compliant is incorrect. The wires that Jacob noticed were a recent addition to the panel and appear to have been install without the proper approvals or inspections. I would like to see his Certificate of Competency as an Electrical Safety Inspector and also his Ohio Home Inspector License.” EDIT - the EC credentials

So yes my posts are self-serving at times and at other times they are not. But aren’t we all that way?

I don’t think so.

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Nice edit!

And you can always stop posting the same nonsense every day too.
Works both ways.

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From all my understanding of your reading, Ohio HI, though right, aren’t allowed to make these statements or inspections during an inspection. Only an ESI is qualified to make this assertion? What if you’re both? That would be a very contradictory and ethically impossible inspection no?

Any different than a person who adds radon as a service? Mold? Termite?

I don’t do those because I am NOT licensed. I am not allowed to comment on mold. Ohio just requires an additional cert for electrical inspections. Does that suck? Yes, if you can’t pass the test. But I passed the test so should I be penalized?

It’s only a $500 fine for illegally performing an electrical inspection.

Know what it is for illegally performing a home inspection?

John is the first chair of the OHIB. Here is what he said in Sept. NOTE: The Division is not enforcing R.C. 4764.02 BUT the law is in effect.


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Thanks Roy - I almost forgot.