Spectoscope (Tampa area)

I have been thinking for awhile about pulling the trigger on a Spectoscope from inspector outlet but I really wanted a chance to try it out first.

I actually have a inspection tomorrow on a 2-story 4-plex with a flat roof (where I clearly can not examine from the ground) and climbing up there is not high on my favorite things to do…it would be a perfect time for the spectoscope.

Anyone in the Tampa area have one they are not using tomorrow that I could borrow to try out? I would of course pay you a “rental fee”.

Please call or email if you could (I’m about to head out to an inspection so I won’t be on here monitoring).

Thanks much,


No inspection fee is worth dying for.

I had one of the first made ones , Skip now has it still works great .

I understand the new ones have many improvements .

2 stories, Flat roof? How do inspect other roofs? Or balconies? I don’t take chances, but a flat roof? Come on, man! Not high on my list of favorite things to do is a half-a@@ed inspection:roll:

Since you don’t know all the details I won’t even bother to respond. To Nick and Roy - Thank you for your input and for being great members of the community.

I made my own with a wifi camera works great .