Spectoscope Are they worth the investment?? Could it be used for crawl spaces? If you are near the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area, can I get with you to see how it works??

I would love more info on this as well. Maybe a video showing someone opening and closing it would be great. I made my own using a window washing ext pole and it is 30" but can be a little hard to lift once opened all the way.

I made my own with a smart phone, wifi camera, and a painters pole. Works great!

I also use a painters pole but wonder if the spectroscope telescoping pole is more stable or has other positives that make them worth the extra bucks.

Made my own, you can get all the parts you need to put on the pole to hook things up and pole at these links. The pole I have a link to is only 24’ but its been plenty for me. I use it at least once a week. I made a PVC case to protect it. Smart phone and a wifi camera good to go and works great.
I have used it in attics that were to small to crawl in due to deep insulation.



I use this.
He’s a nice guy.



I have one, worth every penny. We have lots of 2.5-3story, and steep roofs on houses too close to use a ladder in the city. We use it nearly every day. I must say the camera that’s sold with it is sometimes glitchy with the wifi connection.

Don’t know how well its going to work in a crawl, the pole will bend a lot horizontally, also not sure about pictures in the dark…