Spider webs holding up 105 year old foundation

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I did a 5000 sq. ft. home yesterday that went faster than tis 800 sq.ft. beauty.

The client thought hunting was more important then his potential house.


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Well David, you know that spider webs are stronger than steel, maybe this guy is on to something icon_rolleyes.gif

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I'd say the spiders kept up their role in protecting the environment they lived in and in return protected this oldie intact for 105 years. from distant relatives as mold, mildew, termites and whateverelse was available for food. This oldie is pretty cool.
Your report should just report on the condition of the dwelling, and I think, 105 years old should explain everything without going into to much labor intensive detail.

Food for thought, see how old this structure is and realize that the wood on the foundation is not pressure treated, the old lumber joist where tenoned in a rabbitted joint in the center beam, no joist hangers, no toenails at the joist, over sawn sized lumber, but compromised with the tennons.

Amazing how far we have gone in technology, I wonder if today's methods will last this long?

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