Spliced SE Question

Looks like someone cut the SE cable a little short and spliced it in. A little research says this may not be an issue unless 75% the conductor fill exceeds 75 per cent of the cross sectional area of the panel… Are we good here? Thanx in advance.

You are no where near the limit on cross sectional fill. Whether the splice is good is not known since we cannot see under the tape.

I would note your inability to determine the adequacy of the splice. I also hate the breaker termination, it is bad workmanship which also makes me want to question the splice.

If I see **** work like that from any of my electricians I make them take it all apart and start over.

IMO it is nearly impossible to exceed the 75% fill limit of the gutter space with splices or taps. I would be more curious to know what’s beneath the tape.

It’s Settled…Someone rip off that freakin TAPE…:wink:

While I can’t really tell (image will not blow up) but it also appears thats someone has been HACKING at that conductor that is terminated on the right side of the breaker.

Why ? Because that AL looks thin?
I really does look likes someone has been messing with it…Huh?.

Does from my BLURRY view…:wink:

lol…he said he would send me a pic of the splice when he changes out the panel.
2/0 for 125A CB…hacked cable, Stripped lug torx screw, panel in a closet. Thanx gentleman for your comments.