Spliced SEC

Are the service entrance wires allowed to be spliced inside the box? Memory tells me no.
Any yes, the double taps were mentioned.


Sure they are. . .

Double tapping the main lugs
…that takes ingenuity
…er I mean insanity. :slight_smile:


The Service Conductors entering that Panel Enclosure are probably spliced because of a change to the service of some kind. It is fine to splice them if needed as long as it does not take up to much space ( I wont quote percentages for you )…now taping them ( not really TAPS but easier to understand ) can be tricky so we wont go their…but as it is shown splicing to extend them is fine…as long as the spliced conductors are sized right and the splice connection is done correctly.

AS for the Double TAPS…yep…they are wrong…:slight_smile: