Splicing Service Neutral in Panel

Someone spliced the service entrance neutral in the panel and then fastened it to the neutral bus. Ok or not?

The neutral can be spliced but it needs to be done with a connector that is listed for the size and type of conductor. If I had to guess that gray wirenut is not rated for the conductors shown. Is that tinned copper?

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What Robert said, but likely a bushing would also be needed to protect the conductors from the metal opening in the enclosure, although I’m not familiar with your code requirements.

There is not much detail given the narrow scope of the photo but from what is visible I would guess that there are more problems with this installation.

When I find something like this I will certainly find other issues

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That is for sure, Joe!

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That wirenut is not rated for the wire gauge being used.

3 methods could get it legal assuming that it is a residential first disconnect:

  1. Replace with modern panel
  2. Install a neutral buss with appropriate sized holes to accommodate 1 conductor per hole N.B. the neutral buss must receive the principal ground conductor from within 5ft of the water meter having a jumper on both sides of the water meter if the water main is metallic; if not, then the principal ground is considered to be 2 ground electrodes at least 6ft apart with a continuous ground conductor back to the neutral buss (grounded confuctor).
  3. Idem #2 however use a Polaris lug in lieu of new buss bar with enough holes for each conductor that is currently in the wirenut + one hole to interconnect the existing neutral/ground buss.

If the panel is not the 1st connect, it is considered a subpanel and is required to have separated neutrals and grounds.

Someone correctly mentioned that the conductors passing from outside-to-inside the panel needs a proper chase. A chase-nipple with lock ring and nylon bushing.