Why would this have been done?

Came across an older Square D panel on inspection that had a million splices above in a junction box. Not sure what this was done for, any ideas on this setup and what you guys would call out? Thank you

Probably panel changeout, used the trough for splices. Would rather see more wireway nipples through the top. And the neutrals white.


Older panels have less gutter space for splices. All panels and boxes have limits to how many wires and devices they may contain.


Thank you very much

Thank you for the help Bob

My thought also, but IMO, it’s time for another update to a larger panel.
It’s gonna need work anyway, given the maxed out bus bar(s) location.

This IS NOT a good situation…!!


A nipple is permitted to have 60% wire fill so my guess is that the fill is OK. The neutral conductors cannot be blue. And the wall is encroaching on the working space.


More then one neutral under a screw is prohibited, the blue conductors being used for neutrals makes me think someone was following a idiotic European spec, there could be more conductors then allowed in a gutter (wireway), there is likely more.

Top image.
Aluminum to Copper termination channel?
What was disclosed by the vender?
You find any AU cables?
Year of the building please.