splicing wires

On the left-hand side of this panel, you see the larger wire splice with the smaller white wire. Under a wire nut likely given its size. Also, the multi-strand copper going into the 20 amp breaker. I referred this to a qualified electrician for further evaluation and to have the spliced secured in a way it won’t come apart. Also, to separate the grounds from neutrals and separate double lugged neutrals. The panel has a 225 amp service coming in and this connection was related to the attached generator.

This work was done within the last 5 years. It should have required a permit, at which time the work would have brought panel up to current code. Thus, the separated neutrals and grounds, made me think no permit was pulled.

I was researching my books and online. I couldn’t find anything about the way the splice is done and the other wire going into the 20 amp breaker.
This set up is rare in my area. Nor does it seem right, the tape is already coming off. The work was done by a HVAC person who installed the generator.

Is there any information out there on this kind of set up?
In addition to writing in the report to have an electrician review it further. I told the client verbally, this does not seem right because of x, y and z. Have it reviewed by a qualified electrician. If he signs off that everything is ok I’ll pay for the service call.

Looks like you did well . I agree

Why would an HVAC guy be installing a generator ?

IMO you won’t have to pay for the service call. :mrgreen:

Looks like the large conductors were once attached to the 100 amp empty CB. I can’t really imagine what they’ve done with the current scenario except to say that have improperly converted the 100 amp 240 circuit to a 20 amp 120 volt circuit.

Thank you!

That was part of my question the work performed. We do have HVAC guys that are electricians as well in my area. I suspect this wasn’t one of them.

Stephen, why would you offer to pay for the service call? An electrician might sign off and be also wrong. Your responsibility is to make recommendations if you believe there is an issue, sometimes weird stuff is OK…why suffer a financial penalty as there is no way you can know everything there is to know.