Sporecyte mold pump

Has any one used the sporecyte pump? Suppose to get results without sending any samples to a lab. Is it worth it.

You have to send the sample in to there lab. It states this on their website. Looks expensive to. $27.00 shipping plus $20.00 Sample analysis.

Thank you Michael

Who’s going to count the spores captured on that tiny media? Does the pump have a built in AI microscope?

What is expensive?

Sporecyte is $20/sample
ProLab is $15
InspectorLab is $21.50

The $27 shipping is as many samples as you can stuff in the envelope… or you can pay for your own shipping which looks like would work out slightly cheaper, but only by a few bucks.

Using a local lab is way less expensive, no paying for return shipping for supplies…Just sayin bro

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I have used sporecyte for 3 years, I just got the new pump last year. It is a great pump. It pulls 15 lpm when checked with the included rotameter. For curiosity I checked my pro-labs pump that is brand new and it only pulled 3 lpm and has no way of adjustment. The sporecyte pump has a switch to go from 15 lpm to 5 lpm. And sporecyte has the best report. All other reports are just a bunch of numbers, sporecyte’s report is also visual allowing the homeowner to read it. It will also count everything in the sample like pet hair, bugs, dust etc. it’s the best mold pump and report out there. Yes the shipping is a bit high, but you can ship it yourself if you please. I end up paying about $100.00 per property. And I charge $250 not bad for 10 minutes of work. That $100 includes lab fee’s, shipping and supplies.

$100.00 for how many samples???

Wow 10 minutes of work? No exterior tests? No other tests ? Do you do remediation protocols?

This is part of a home inspection. I do not do stand alone mold tests. The 10 minutes is for setup the pump and moving it to different locations. Yes I do an outside control test and 2 interior tests. I don’t just sit around and wait the 5 minutes for the pump to run, I do other things. In all it’s about 10 minutes, moving the pump, changing the cassettes and filling out the chain of custody form.

That’s for 3 samples plus the cost of the cassettes. I take no less than 3, one exterior control and 2 interior. If it’s a large house I would do more, I charge an extra $50.00 per sample.

Therefore it’s not 10 minutes. I’ve been at it since 1997. So let everyone know it’s 10 minutes each section so they don’t get wrong impression. :blush: enjoy

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Not really, it’s 10 minutes total. Pump is set to 15 lpm . You press the pump button, it runs for 5 minutes and shuts off. During that time I am doing other things, I go back remove the sample seal it up and place the next one, I move the pump and press the button.
The whole process does take about 25 minutes, but I’m not just standing there waiting. I do other things. I multi-task.

Wow, amazing.
Have a good day.