St. Catharines Home Inspection - Maple Trust's Quest for GOOGLE RANK JUICE

Please post links to anything you have done to help gain an online presence below. Lets weave this Web.:mrgreen:

The first five months were easy. The Google Gods of Home Inspection smiled on my new website. Then one day, I fell off the maps. I picked myself up and started working nights on SEO to better my SERP listings…I had no idea what I was doing, but that is what the internet is for. Here is a little I learned along the way, and some of the projects I’m working on to pick things back up.

St. Catharines Home Inspection On-Page SEO - Maple Trust Inspections

Maple Trust Inspections needs a home inspector, who is also a computer genius and a prolific writer. I’m home inspecting days and surfing my nights away to do things like creating Maple Trust Inspections’ latest Home Inspection Blog Entry On Flooding Basements. Give us this day our daily blog! Fresh Content Daily. Who has that kind of time? Not me, but I aim to write more. Check out the above title. Thats on-page SEO. Keywords should be emphasized like St. Catharines Home Inspection and used in multiple page Headings, preferably closer to the beginning. Keyword density should be 3-7% and should contain at least 300 words of original content. There are so many rules to learn, practice and master, before they change.

St. Catharines Home Inspection Off-Page SEO - Maple Trust Inspections

Besides the On-Page SEO, to build Rank juice for certain terms, Maple Trust Inspections is learning to use Off-Page SEO tactics, like back linking. This post is a great example. This link to St. Catharines Home Inpections - Maple Trust Inspections will hopefully help with the rank juice. Links coming from domains with high page rank, like InterNachi, the International Association of Certified Home Inpsectors, will add even greater rank juice. It is said that the rank of a back linking page, and it’s subject matter will affect the amount of Rank juice bestowed.

Rember to focus your area specific keywords and to use postal codes/zip codes when possible.

We provide home inspections for:

St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 2B1
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 2L5
Niagara on the Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0
Port Colborne, Ontario L3K1K5
Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 2S0
Welland, Ontario L3B 3Z0
Thorold, Ontario L2V 0A1
Vineland, Ontario L0R 1B0
Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E5
Pelham, Ontario L0S 1E0
Niagara Region and surrouding area.

Another way of listing your service areas that seems to work well is like this:

Maple Trust Inspections specializes in:

St. Catharines Home Inspections, Niagara On The Lake Home Inspections, Welland Home Inspections, Thorold Home Inspections, Fonthill Home Inspections, Port Colborne Home Inspections, Fort Erie Home Inspections, Niagara Falls Home Inspections, Vineland Home Inspections

Maple Trust Inspections Back Links

Maple Trust Inspections is using a variety of tactics to get back links. Squidoo is a page building website that has a page rank of 7. It is easy to use and understand. I built a Squidoo home inspection page on home inspection tools and linked it to the Maple Trust Inspections website. I also built a page dedicated to St. Catharines Home Inspection and linked that back too. “Squidlike us” and we will return the favour.

Another important page our St. Catharines home inspection back links from is our Google+ page for Maple Trust Inspections and our Facebook Maple Trust Inspections page as well. Not to mention Maple Trust Inspections Linked-In profile. Come by and +1 us, like us, add us as a friend. We will gladly return the favour. Like Nick says “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

We asked a question about home inspections and grow ops on that got 11 replies, over 200 views and used it to back link from Zoocasa which has a google page rank of 6.

Maple Trust Inspections created a St. Catharines Standard profile for it’s home inspectors (Local Newspaper with page rank of 6) and wrote articles for the user submission section of the St. Catharines Standard too, this one is titled “St. Catharines Home Inspections During Frosh Week With Maple Trust Inspections

Home Inspection in St. Catharines is a competative keyword selection, so Maple Trust Inspections keeps on plugging away at our off page SEO. We created a St. Catharines Home Inspection Links page at which as a page rank of 8. Follow us on delicious and we will follow you.

We submitted our home inspection website to that also has a page rank of 8. Its actually quite fun to use. Come by and give us a thumbs up.

Maple Trust Inspections add on St. Catharines Kijiji is on a domain that has a page rank of 5.

Youtube has a page rank of 9. Check out Maple Trust Inspections Home Inspection Video Channel our videos have been viewed 422 times. Each video, like this 30 second video on Maple Trust Inspections’ InfraRed Home Inspection Cam has a backlink to our website. Some of our stuff has even been syndicated, or repackaged as a feed to appear on other websites like We still don’t have any youtube channel subscribers. :frowning:

We haven’t even mentioned Maple Trust Inspections Twitter feed. Twitter has a page rank of 10! Follow us and we will reciprocate.

We aim to be in all the local directories like Maple Trust Inspections on Canpages, in the Yellow Pages, on Homestars,on Yelp, on World Web, CanEquity, Yalwa, Ontario Mortgage Superstore, EiEi home reno tools, InterNachi’s SpectoScope, etc! I also surfed around to all the local real estate blogs and left applicable, heart felt comments, with backlinks where possible.

Don’t Forget

I could use some Up votes on this new St. Catharines Home Inspection thread. And Looking for feedback on my home inspection website got me 21 comments, lots of great tips and over 120 hits on our website.

Maple Trust Inspections is Analyzing Google Analytics

Now that I’ve laid out this crazy backlinking web, to a decent bed of content, I have something to study. Analytics are rocket science and I am only beginning to explore them. They will allow me to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve never done anything like this before and the learning curve is pretty steep. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the google gods will rain down Link Juice and I can give up this crazy SEO night job, maybe just write a short home inspection blog now and then.

Any tips you have for me would be welcome.

Please post links to anything you have done to help gain an online presence below. Lets weave this Web.:mrgreen: