Leaky basement, quite a few different ways water is getting in that your scamming INT drainage system friends don't care about

this video a bit longer, wtf can i tell ya… check out the different avenues water has been getting in basement, some homeowners have MORE than 1 way water gets in n so, helllllllo, there will be different solutions if you want to STOP the water from getting in

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Go get 'em, Mark! You do fine work! :smile:

Did all these cracks and holes suddenly start leaking? if not, how were they dealing with it for so long? the house is obviously old. Were they just mopping the floor all the time and running fans to dry the place?

that one will take a while…

Simon, lololll, the EXT cracks had been there, OPEN, for many years. Some got wider, worse, n so then the walls (3) of them bowed in due to lateral expansive/clay soil pressure against walls and some underground tree roots from backyard tree.

The holes you see were CAUSED by the installation of the dumb wall anchors, pushing/forcing the rods through the block walls, yes sir. Now, ya’s see that these INT terds do not even bother to dig down 2 or 3’ feet to seal the friggin HOLES THEY CREATED! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg

Some of the water that continued to enter through those exterior cracks n holes was diverted inside basement by the moronic drainage system n some of the water was not ‘caught’ by the loser INT system and came onto floor n, in this basement, most of it went into floor drains.

So in THIS case they said they did not have a whole lot to ‘mop’, dig? lol

It wasn’t until the buyers had the exterior walls correctly waterproofed n backfilled that water STOPPED entering the walls/basement. Just because many may not SEE water on floor does not ever mean NO water isn’t entering, videos clearly show it and so too do the homeowners who hire my stinky azz AFTER they hired a moron who installed an INT system, an INT basement system does NOT mean a basement was ‘waterproofed’, NOPE! Was this basement waterproofed by the installation of an INT system? lolollll

ah ya know, i replied loolooollll when i was TINKING i posted the wall anchor and INT system videos, exxxcuse me. hahahaaa

Ok THIS video in Warren MI… lady told me she had been leaking for quite some time, just not as much as recently. Hence the call to my balding azz.

The front corner small area just happened, so too she says around perimeter… and i’m guessing cuz what i see alot of is a few of these rod holes deteriorated much more recently so, she got more water in through those too

The walls were covered with paneling, she said she HAS had a couple of back UPS through floor drains, they were snaked n she didn’t notice much until they backed up again and she said she doesn’t go in basement much. The chimney leak/water she said, recently got worse/more water

Now, back to my original thoughts on the loser scamming azz INT system terds, if you watched the other videos i just posted, the wall anchors n bowed in walls, it kills me these idiots CAUSE more holes in walls, more water to enter, friggin I D I O T Z!!!

but they have been doing it for 33 years!

lolol yeah Simon, 6 lil dorks same outfit n lil more than 5 years each in this business = their 33 sad azz years scr_wing homeowners

I bet they are licensed, too! licensed to screw? hmmm

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imo that IS what they do best, uh huh lol

Mark while you’re here… I am still missing the Mark’s best approach protocol for the 1 in 1000 house that has a high water table. Are pumps required or not?

i’d need to see it TA believe it, lol, even when there could be house built on a spring or whatever, i bet ya that part of their problem with water in basement is still things, ext-cracks etc so even if someone installed 69 sump pumps inside and another 69 sump pumps outside i bet most still leak a bit, just because of what many builders do NOT do

oh, n the cost to keep replacing, whatever it would be… 69 no, lets say 5 sumps every 3-4 yrs, good luck, i’d sell the stinky house n move to AZ as another member said recently

one could have , what some say n think is a ‘high water table’ under floor BUTTT, that water that is building up under the floor could be from water getting in through the walls, i posted a video a day or two ago where they drilled holes in walls after they popped perimeter of floor out and you should be able to see, imagine, that water that is first entering through EXT cracks in wall and then comes out waaaaay down low, bottom of wall, under floor, some on floor, some under floor.

Build up of water under floor or outside could also be from leaking water line or sprinkler system shtt like that, why put 69 sumps in when what they really needed to do was actually identify how water was building up, accumulating under the floor or outside. These days soo many think their answer is to always install an INT system n sump, wrong way of TINKIN to me

Simon, here it is, see the holes, see the water coming out… not at all hard to imagine that some water that first enters into block walls through EXT cracks will come out ON the floor sure, but some water can go under a floor as it most certainly could here, water would accumulate under the floor = to some, a high water table— ENLARGE the video so you can see the level of TOP of floor, where it was and the water coming out bottom block