Stab lok panel.

I get a re-call.
any help would be appreciated.

Still sold in home depot Canada .
You can buy ark Fault breakers there too .
They are made by the same company who makes SQ D.
Schneider Electric - Federal Pioneer
I have one in my home and not concerned .
Please do not let what you read regarding the USA Stab lok different manufacture

I would guess that 80% of the panels around here are FPE Stab locks. To this day I have not found any issues with them. I have spoken with many an electrician and they all say the same thing. USA panels are different from Canadian panels.

…This is a Sub Panel?
where is the main Breaker?

I am seeing those pretty often, Here in NB, usually main breaker is located in the top part of the panel, i never seen any defects in it but, they are not the best

The main breakers are higher up, good panels.

Thanks all.
The main disconnect at the top. (200)

Verified in 1987 as 185 amps. panel rated 200 amp.
Why the verification discrepancy in amps?


Thanks all.

Panel is rated 200 amps. but wiring to the panel is rated for 185 amps.

Much like 100 amps. main breakers serving a 125 amps. panel.

Always go with the weakest link.

1st time I’ve ever seen a Federal *Pioneer *panel. I’d have to do some research if I ever came across one.

They are a Canadian panel, so not likely you will see one in the USA.

The federal pioneer is not the same as the federal pacific panels in the USA.
The black breakers in the federal pioneer panels are OK. Be careful if you see blue breakers as they were recalled if they were manufactured in early 1990. If you do see the these and i will let you how to determine if they were subject to the recall and if they have been updated. I found an entire subdivision with these recalled breakers, the manufacturer replaced them after twelve years but you need to have client pay for the labour if you do not approach them properly. An electrician with a good relationship with an authorized Schneider distributor will help you with this.