Stair Stringer attachment

This stringer looks to be barley attached. What should I say, and I am looking for a good graphic that would show the proper install.

Any suggestions.

Stringers/stairs should be designed so the first step is at the same level of the floor platform which gives the stringers full bearing. This rarely happens. If this design cannot be accomplished, proper bearing for the stringers should be provided. In your photo, if those toenailed fasteners are the extent of the attachment, they will fail quickly or a split will develop at the inside corner of the bearing point.

Those could be supported from below to make up for the carpenter’s lack of experience.

Is the top step same height as rest of steps? Looks like missed measured on the layout to me, homeowner done?
Definitely needs support framing built underneath

that is all the support there was. there were 3 stringers like this. but the home was built in 1983. I don’t know if there was any remodeled of this area but there was only about 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch of support on the face. I am surprised that this has also held together.

Does anyone have a image for proper install, or with support brackets, I have yet to find a good image on Google.


Attached are the graphics I developed for my reports.

Nice Randy. Thanks

This gives you an idea


Great graphic, Randy. Do you mind if I use it?

Badly built stairs. Various types of hardware will make it OK. ST18’s would probably do it. Recommend qualified contractor. Offset stringers like in Randy’s graphic are often hung from ST straps that are nailed first to the face of the double joist that forms the opening and then to the lower plumb cuts and undersides of the stringers. Kind of like in this photo. There’s really a number of acceptable ways to do it. The method used just has to be adequate.

steps stringerattachment1.jpg