Stair stringer bearing

I need some opinions regarding the bearing of stair stringers. Is the bearing adequate in the below photo? Is there any information regarding this subject in the IRC or other reputible sources?

You would have to measure the length and width. It’s just like any other type of framing, meaning it will require minimum standards for load bearing.

From what I can see, it may need a center stringer. You could suggest this if the steps feel like the flex or move when walked upon.
The photo provides very little visible info.

This was on a recent Inachi course.

Required egress stairways, decks, balconies, and similar means of egress should be anchored to the primary structure to resist both vertical and lateral forces. The use of toenails or nails subject to withdrawal is not permitted

Yea, sure!

And I can see the 36" landing is okey dokey from here too!

“the bearing of stair stringers”; lets see if I can find that in the SOP.

Does that require “analysis”? Hummmm!

Did you say you were a Home inspector?

Opps, does Canada play by the same rules (IRC)?

I think Nick made a video for those that can’t read well or take time to “research”…