Is my beef legimate

I hope I’m not wrong but I’ll ask this of the NACHI Management.

When will the education (at the upcoming conference) be accepted by the state of Illinois. Seems a waste to not get some education credit if I attend the NACHI conference in February. Anyone have an answer or at least agree with me.

Is my beef legimate?

I agree it would seem like a waste so whatever you do make sure you get the papers you need as proof…

…from the bull and the cow.:stuck_out_tongue:

All depends on what you consider a waste I guess.

Illinois is a major pain when it comes to getting state CE’s so I can see the problem. But not everything you learn has to be for state credit.

Illinois only requires 12 CE’s every 2 years.

NACHI requires 24. So you can get your NACHI credits even if you don’t get credit one for the state. Plus, you might learn a thing or two!

We’ll submit all our courses for all state approval and get many of them retroactive like we did last year but I’ll tell you a little secret…

If it is state approved for continuing education… don’t take the course. We have a ton of marketing and business success educators, vendors and speakers who will never come around again and never be approved for state CE’s because they are either non technical subjects or subjects outside of the scope of a home inspection. You can get boring state approved courses at the convention if you want… and certainly at home if you want. Instead… hit the ones that you’ll never get a chance to again.

My advice.

We have some fantastic sessions this year. Gerry has put together a 4 hour, modular home course. Since modular construction is different than standard stick building its a highly recommend session. More to learn from this one than meets the eye. For those weak in pools and spa’s, another 4 hour specialty session, very high quality instructor. Those needing or looking for additional training in hydronic heating systems, Kenny Hart has the session. Look at the schedule, not a dog amongst them.

Last year we brought this organization out of cyber-space and made it touchable. This year, we WILL be the envy of the others.

Come to the convention to learn, not just to meet minimum requirements. It’s your future and your business, don’t short change yourself over a non-tangible. Knowledge is power, we’re supplying the power.


PS. plus what Nick said, some of these speakers and instructors are absolutely amazing and very difficult to get.

Only 11 days left to Showtime. Hope to see you all there!

You will learn so much in just a few days (both state approved technical and business/marketing success) that it will change not only your business… but your life. where Inspector Supermen are made.

Nick G
I look forward to the marketing classes and know I’ll learn from them. But also understand If I can save a few hundred by having Illois accept the NACHI class toward Illinois credit certain makes going to the convention worth a little more then the other associations. Isn’t this what we all want ?


NACHI Chicago will be offering a 6 hour course that is state approved and olny costs $25.00 for NACHI members. I will be at the convention and would be happy, on my own time and in my own hotel room, if needed, to present the course there (at the convention) for Illinois state CE. At no cost, if NACHI approves. (Just buy me a drink or two :mrgreen: )

This offer is open to any NACHI members, but Illinois members get first crack, in my opinion.

BTW; Nick and I differ somewhat on the value of state CE credit. I will volunteer my time, free of any cost to anyone (except for the drinks :mrgreen: ).

I will bring my own projector and PC and such, and even the course material (printed at my own expense). Just need a number of attendees.

Gotta love NACHI!

Hope this helps.

Very Nice Will! Keep up the good work.

Most of our registered attendees are coming from states that have no CE requirements whatsoever. Obtaining state CE may be icing on the cake but don’t let it draw you away from the stuff we have at the convention that you might find difficulty accessing again and that you really need.

Typically, state CE approved = obtainable anywhere.

Do what is best for your business.


Just got off the phone with Russ Myers, The Ed committee person for Illinois. He will check with NACHI and find out if this is OK. Please consider:

  • I attended a state approved CE course given by another provider, last night. 3 CE state hours. The course, from the first words of the instructor at the podium to when he personally graded my test and I was handed the state completion form only took 1 hour and 21 minutes! I totally understand and agree with Nick that State CE, in the current paradigm, is mostly a joke. Show up, get a drink (or three) sit around and BS, watch the pretty slides (this one was just words), take a kindergarten level test and get the 3 hours CE! I have filed (personally, not as a NACHI member or chapter officer) a formal complaint with the state. This is business as usual.
  • I want to believe, and so does Russ, that NACHI is better. We are not “a joke, founded by a snake oil salesman” as the instructor of this course publically stated. I want to have meaningful and educational CE, that actually teaches something. “A wise man knows what he doesn’t know.” With the course I attended last night, I have 18 state approved CE hours so far, and Illinois only requires 12 for a two year license term. In Illinois, we are only in the first month of the 2nd year.
  • I want to see quality (i.e. advanced, hard and no guarantee of the test being a slide) CE.
  • I wrote the NACHI state approved course, with the help and guidance of Ken Demski and Russ Myers, but I do not ‘own’ it. Under the terms of the Illinois state law, NACHI holds the license and NACHI determines when and where it is presented and who teaches it. I knew this going in and have no reservations. An adult checks these things out going in.
  • Because of the above, this must be approved by NACHI. I am volunteering, but knowing that it is only an offer. I do not control the course or when it is taught.
  • Please, I would ask do not inundate NACHI with demands or threats of other such childish things to get the course taught there. They have enough headaches already getting this event (and it is a pivotal even in the industry). I have placed myself under their authority and must defer to them. There will be plenty of time in this license period to attend the course in Illinois if time and scheduling and such do not allow for it to be given in Florida.
    *]Nick, Aminee, Paul and countless others have put time, effort and endless hours into this convention. I would beg you not to mess it up. They are trying their best to provide for all or NACHI, not just a few Illinois inspectors who, rightfully so, have gripes with the status quo in our state. Please! You joined NACHI for many reasons. Let those who lead lead.
    Hope this helps. :mrgreen:

My previous post was being composed before Nick’s response.

I agree with Nick. NACHI has quality, inexpensive state CE in Illinois now. 6 hours currently, but more to come.

I only made an offer. I do not want it to become a problem if it would mess up their plans.

Abide by NACHI’s decision.

According to the information, previously available from NACHI, and of that being compiled by the new Education Committee, there are presently 31 States, with 4,227 NACHI Members, practicing in those States, which require some form of licensing and or continuing education. Several more having State legislation pending.

There is no State to State uniformity of these requirements.

Each Convention course presentation could (potentially) be required to be taught in 31 different ways, and in a manor acceptable within those same 31 States.

Obviously, it would be nearly impossible to present courses, at a 5 day Convention, which would be applicable for all these individual State requirements.

State Continuing Educational Credits, by virtue of these various requirements, must be presented at the local level.

Crunch the numbers, it wouldn’t work at a Convention.

The Education Committee is currently making, upon request, advanced educational courses available to local NACHI Chapters, some for the expressed purpose of meeting State Licensing requirements. All at no cost to NACHI Members.

The Committee is also seeking legal advise, hopefully enabling NACHI to license vendor courses and materials, in licensing States, without vendors relinquishing their rights of ownership. Once established…Wow. Another Industry first for NACHI.

There’s a lot going on with respect to NACHI / State Educational Credits.

The Convention, as previously stated, is the place for Members to broaden their knowledge of the Industry’s newest information on the technical issues, business matters, and marketing aspects available to Home Inspectors. To learn about new opportunities, and to increase your knowledge.

And don’t forget all the free Nachos.

See you there. :mrgreen: