State Farm 4 Point

A State Farm agent called me last week and said that State Farm was writing new policies in Florida and that all homes older than 6 months require a 4 Point Inspection on their form.

She asked if I was going to do these, and I told her I’d haven’t decided and that I’d have to look at the form again and make a decision and set a price if I decide to to them.

Has anyone heard this?

Yes my State Farm agent for my car insurance told me starting feb 10 they were starting to write new policies again.

Do them for $150 to 200 if you are going to do them. But the large prick companies will just screw their inspectors and do them for $50 0r $60 anyhow. When I get out of the biz I’ll write a pamphlet telling you all how to make a little bit when the opportunity arises. You cannot compete face to face on price with the big pricks.

You will never compete when DMI is giving referral fees back to the agents.

Also known as kickbacks. The term “referral fees” is a more sanitized or politically correct term .

and doing them for next to nothing.

And I always want to be politically correct