State Farm mandating 4 Pts

I just got an email from a H/O I did a home inspection on…built in 2005.
He states his State Farm Agent told him he must now have a 4 PT inspection…
this is a new policy according to him, all new policies must have it!

And of course must be done on their form.

Anyone else heard of this?

Did the agent also recommend that it be done by DMI?

No, he just said the agent would not accept the HI report in lieu of the 4 PT…
wot’s next!

We need to allow for an acceptance for higher fees for the new form.

? Please clarify. and what new form?

has the house been vacant for some time? We do them all the time four ones like this, built in recent years

Min charged should be $200 + if you are a profesional.

It is a f-ing mini home inspection.

I currently will not even do them for State Farm on their new form. Let the suckers do them.

A great many companies will do them for pennies because they just screw the lowly HI they have employed to do them. I cannot even begin to wonder what a scumbag company like DMI would pay their HI’s to do that bullsh it form :frowning: Unbelieveable

There is a newer form for State Farm policies. More inspection required. We require a higher fee for it. I work as an inspector for another firm. The info is available though State farm.

Good Man :slight_smile: Hope you are doing well.

It can be found here…

I’ve done one. Very detailed and somewhat binding. There is no grey area for sure. All in all, the form is way too detailed and I’m not a fan of it. The client ended up opting to forego insurance altogether, as they didn’t have a mortgage.

Michael, your always on top things! :slight_smile:

We charge a higher fee for this form.

They want a 4-point summary opposed to your full inspection report. I provide a one page word documented summary with supporting pics.