State Farm wind mitigation / opening protection / 2014 Built House in Fort Myers

I did a wind mitigation on a house where the labels have been removed from the window frames and the etchings on the glass are not very clear to be photographed.

State Farm is removing the credits for the homeowner for item 7 on the wind form.

Maybe the owner can use the product approval sheets from the building department to prove the impact rating?

The current owner is the second owner of the house and did not have any labels present when the house was purchased.

State Farm also is requiring 4 points on all houses.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this type of issue? I know that the form requires photo or documentation proof but I have randomly ran into this before over the years but I usually talk with the insurance company and tell them that the owner did not remove the 2014 windows and replace them with 2001 and older windows:-)
Similar problems always with entry doors that the labels have been painted over.

Time to raise prices on wind mitigations and 4 points:-)

Personally, when I get a request for a Wind Mitigation where the client is seeking discounts for Opening Protection… First, the ‘protection’ must have been installed under a permit, no permit then I’m just not interested farting around with it. I’ve never seen one homeowner job where the home qualified under A1 or A2. Secondly the homeowner must provide all documentation or I won’t submit the certificate. Lastly I turn down more Opening Protection jobs than I do.

Crazy form, crazy people, crazy world. :swan:

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The opening protection verifications are more trouble than they are worth 95 % of the time.

This house is a 2014 built house with impact glass.
The homeowner or builder previously removed the stickers etc.
The NOA sheets are on file with the county, but as the form states, they want to see the labels and clear etchings on the glass.
This is a homeowners insurance policy through State Farm - they are writing the insurance and they make the rules:-)
It is what it is. :wink:

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There are many home inspectors I know in Florida who don’t do insurance inspections for State Farm because of the difference in standards, which in some cases supersedes the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation standards. I only use Florida forms and refuse to inspect to standards outside of that, it simply makes life easier. I never went into this profession to be the lapdog of some insurance company.

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I agree with you on that!

I just inspected a home where all of the windows were just replaced, hadn’t even had the final inspection. All of the stickers were removed.
The homeowner said the installer did it. I instructed them to have the installer replace the stickers.
There will be no credit until they do.

And…several insurance companies are requesting 4-points and wms…even on newer homes.

Was always the case on REO’s here, I suspect with the flood of foreclosures over the next few years for points on all homes will become the norm. I make it a habit to take all the necessary four point photos on all inspections lately never knowing what the insurance companies will demand next.

I have a friend whose an inspector over in Pinellas County and lately he’s been challenged by underwriters over expected service life on some roofs.

Anyway stay safe -

I had another call last week from a SF agent asking for better photos of the non rated shutters.
1958 house with some accordion shutters older with no stickers and a few windows had rated clear panels.
I marked it as N.
They wanted more detailed photos for the N marking on the form.
The agent said that they were getting a $1,000 discount for an N rating??? :flushed:
I said I didn’t think that you got any credit for N or X.

So I asked the agent how much would they give for A or B rating :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :wink: